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Mayor and Council Approve 30-day Extension of Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana Sales

Additional Time Will Allow Regulations on sales, cultivation and production to be Finalized
August 02, 2017
Henderson, Nev. – Mayor Debra March and the Henderson City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved extending the moratorium on recreational marijuana sales in Henderson for an additional 30 days in order to provide the time needed to prepare regulations governing recreational marijuana.

It is expected that the proposed regulations will be read into the record at the Aug. 15 City Council meeting. The Mayor and City Council will then have the opportunity to consider the regulations at their Sept. 5 meeting. If the measure is approved, then the application process could begin for businesses to sell recreational marijuana within the City of Henderson and to be licensed for cultivation and production of recreational marijuana products.

Tuesday night’s action allows city staff the time needed to complete the proposed recreational marijuana regulations for zoning and licensing. In addition, staff discussed and received direction from the Mayor and Council on issues such as fees, licensing, hours of operation, marijuana deliveries, public consumption establishments and distance separation requirements for recreational marijuana establishments.  

Under Nevada law, only those entities that are currently licensed to provide medical marijuana are able to apply for a license to sell recreational marijuana before January 1, 2018, in jurisdictions where sales of recreational marijuana are permitted.

It is anticipated that city staff will propose requiring any establishment that is licensed to offer both recreational and medical marijuana sales at the same location.

On Feb. 7 of this year, the Mayor and City Council approved a 180-day moratorium on the application, licensing and operation of recreational marijuana establishments, transportation and the retail sale of recreational marijuana in the city of Henderson. During the 180-day moratorium city staff held public meetings with residents who live near the current medical marijuana establishments, businesses in the area and those in the medical and recreational marijuana industries.

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