Animal Control

Coyote Concerns

Many people, particularly those who live in Nevada's urban areas, have concerns about the wellbeing of the coyotes that they see. While it is normal for people to want to help the animals, the Nevada Division of Wildlife cautions that our good intentions can sometimes cause problems or even harm the animals. The agency offers the following advice to people who have concerns or are having problems with coyotes.
  • Do not feed coyotes or any other wild animal. Providing food makes them dependent and they can lose their natural fear of humans. People who provide them with food run the risk of being bitten.
  • Keep pet food out of their reach and secure garbage cans. Coyotes are opportunistic and will make a meal of pet food or table scraps that are left in unsecured containers. If a dog or cat is fed outside, bring uneaten food inside as soon as the pet has finished eating. Place trash in a secure container so that it is unavailable to coyotes.
  • Abide by leash laws and avoid letting dogs and cats roam freely. Coyotes kill and eat small dogs and house cats.
  • Work with your neighbors on making your neighborhood undesirable to coyotes. If coyotes are frequenting your neighborhood, you can be certain that they are being fed or are finding food. By working with your neighbors, you may be able to eliminate food sources that are bringing the animals into the neighborhood.
  • Be supportive of animal control and wildlife agencies that are working with coyotes, other wildlife and domestic animals.
  • Provided by Nevada Department of Wildlife Geoff Schneider