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Animal Control

Purpose Statement

Commitment to the Public

The Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility exists to serve the community, aid, comfort, and provide medical attention to the animals that come under the Shelter's care and to vigorously enforce the laws that protect animals and the community.

We value:

Animals:  We are dedicated to the Health, Welfare, and Safety of each animal we are charged to care for.

Dignity:  We treat every animal we care for with dignity and compassion.

Customers:  Regardless of attitude or demeanor, we strive to provide the best Customer service possible to each and every person.

Ourselves:  We will work together as a team and value the contributions of each shelter employee.  We recognize that no one person is greater than the whole.

The Shelter:  We recognize the value of our facility to the community and the animals we are charged to protect and to that end will work collectively to keep our work place pristine and free of blemish.

Accountability:  We recognize we must be accountable to each other and the community we serve.  We cannot improve without accountability.

Excellence:  We will strive to review the service we provide and work to improve the operation through honest critique.

Challenges:  We will meet all challenges head on.  We will identify and propose well-reasoned solutions to these problems.  We will work collectively to proper resolution to the challenges we encounter.

The statement of commitment of Henderson Animal Care and Control is to work within the community to:

  • Reduce animal suffering and distress
  • Facilitate the safe return of lost pets
  • Provide a safe, comfortable environment for lost or abandoned animals
  • Facilitate adoptions
  • Educate the public about responsible pet ownership
  • Enforce the laws related to Animal Control
  • Act as the Rabies Control Authority for the City of Henderson