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Building & Fire Safety

Code Interpretations - 2006 Code Cyle

International Building Code

Maximum area of a non separated use structure containing a private garage with U occupancy.

CIC # 00001-06

When is a vertical exit enclosure required for an interior stair. CIC # 00015-06
Are thumb turns allowed on an exit door? CIC # 00026-06
Is an exit door that's not a "required" exit still an exit that is subject to all the requirements of exits? CIC # 00027-06
What kind of materials are allowed for floors of toilet and bathing rooms other than in dwelling units? CIC # 00041-06
How are the total number of required plumbing fixtures determined in mixed occupancy spaces using IBC Table 2902.1? CIC # 00055-06

International Residential Code

Is there a requirement for fire blocking between second floor space and adjacent attic space over the first floor open to the floor ceiling assembly? CIC # 00029-06

National Electric Code

Should electric tags expire at temporary power installations at Christmas tree lots, haunted houses, etc.?

CIC #: 00021-05

Uniform Plumbing Code

Freeze protection for plumbing located in the floor/ceiling assembly above a garage.

CIC # 00016-06

Gas shut off valve at range/oven that is sealed to countertop. CIC # 00019-06
Medgas - vacuum waste drain locations CIC #:00051-06

Uniform Mechanical Code

No code interpretations at this time.

Pool Code

No code interpretations at this time.

Code Interpretations - 2000 Code Cycle

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