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Victim Advocate Unit

Domestic Violence is a crime. It is the violent confrontation that occurs between family members, people involved in a dating relationship or people who share the same residence. It most often occurs between a man and woman living together, married or not, or with children in common. The crime of Domestic Violence is cyclical and often repeated without intervention.

Police officers responding to a scene of domestic violence are required by law to identify and arrest the primary physical aggressor if they have reason to believe a domestic battery occurred. The most serious cases of domestic violence that are classified as Gross Misdemeanors or Felonies will be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office. However, if the charge is a Misdemeanor and the battery occurred in the City of Henderson, the case will be prosecuted by the City Attorney’s Office-Criminal Division.

Where sufficient evidence indicates that a crime occurred, the Criminal Division is responsible for making all legal decisions involved in the prosecution of the case. Throughout this process, the concerns of all victims are requested and deemed essential to the decision process.

The Victim Advocate Unit has been established to assist all victims of misdemeanor Domestic Battery, Stalking, Harassment, and any other crime against person. Advocates are available to explain court proceedings, provide case status information and offer referrals to local service agencies to address specific social service needs for crime victims while cases are open in Henderson Municipal Court.  In addition, Advocates will work with domestic violence victims in developing a safety plan to prepare safety measures in advance should there be a reoccurrence of violence in the home. To speak to an Advocate, please call 702-267-1370. 

Local Support Services

Safe House
 702-564-3227 -- Hotline/Shelter
 702-451-4203 -- Office/Counseling

HopeLink of Southern Nevada: Referrals to other social service providers.
 702-486-6770 -- Office