City Manager

Charter Committee Meeting Agendas

The Charter Committee will work with City staff to review the Henderson City Charter and make recommendations to the City Council regarding necessary amendments to the Charter. Any recommendations approved by the City Council will be forwarded to the 2019 Nevada State Legislature for consideration. The Committee will consist of thirteen (13) members that include both City Council and legislator appointees.

Nicholas Vaskov, Chair 
Tina Past, Vice-Chair

Shirley Breeden
Lou Cila
Joshua Dickey
Virginia Faye Bear Finnegan 
Charlene Frost
Edward Gonzalez
Wendy Linow
Terry Mannion 
Erin McMullen
Danielle Pieper Chio
Dr. Walt Rulffes

Javier Trujillo, Public Affairs Director (702) 267-2060 
David Cherry, Communications and Intergovernmental Relations Manager (702) 267-2055
Christopher Boyd, Intergovernmental Relations Specialist (702) 267-2056
Board Secretary, Helen Coombs (702) 267-2054

Meets in March of every even year as requested in the Mayor & Council Board Room, City Hall, 240 Water St., 4th floor.

All agendas are posted at least three (3) working days prior to board meetings at the following locations: 

City Hall, 240 Water St. 1st Floor Lobbies Henderson Multigenerational Center, 250 S. Green Valley Pkwy.
Whitney Ranch Recreation Center, 1575 Galleria Dr.
Fire Station No. 86, 96 Via Antincendio 

The City of Henderson is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and is dedicated to providing equal access to all city-sponsored programs, services and activities for citizens with disabilities.  Persons requiring special assistance or accommodation should contact Helen Coombs at (702) 267-2054 or TTY: 7-1-1, at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

You can receive Charter Committee agendas by e-mail:

You can receive Charter Committee agendas by mail:

  • Fax your request to the Intergovernmental Relations Office at (702) 267-2081
  • Go on-line, complete and submit the On-line Agenda Request Form
  • Call the Intergovernmental Relations Office at (702) 267-2057
Agendas for the Charter Committee meetings are then automatically mailed to the requestor the Wednesday prior to the Charter Committee meetings for a period of six months. After which you will need to submit a new request by fax, phone call, or on-line.