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Domestic Violence Advocate Unit

Domestic Violence is a crime. It is the violent confrontation that occurs between family members or people involved in dating relationships or people who share the same residence. It most often occurs between a man and a woman living together, married or not, or with children in common.  The crime of Domestic Violence is cyclical and is often  repeated without intervention.

The Victim Advocate Unit has been established to assist all victims of misdemeanor domestic battery, stalking, harassment, and any crimes against person or property. To speak to a representative in the Victim Advocate Unit, please call (702) 267-1370.

Police officers responding to a scene of domestic violence are required by law to identify and arrest the primary physical aggressor if they have reason to believe a domestic battery occurred. The most serious cases of domestic violence, classified as felonies or gross misdemeanors, will be prosecuted by the District Attorney's Office. However, if the charge is a misdemeanor and the battery occurred in the City of Henderson, the case will be prosecuted by the Henderson City Attorney's Office Criminal Division.

Victim-Witness Advocate Unit
The City Attorney's Office has created a Victim-Witness Unit to explain court proceedings, provide case status information and offer referrals to local service agencies to address specific social service needs for victims of domestic violence.

Henderson Coordinated Community Response (HCCR)
The Henderson Coordinated Community Response is a network of public and private agencies working toward the prevention and protection of victims of violence and domestic abuse.  The City Attorney's Office spearheaded this coordinated effort by engaging various public and private agencies to work closely with law enforcement, domestic violence support groups, and other community resources. For more information about the HCCR, please call (702) 267-1370.

Where sufficient evidence indicates that a crime occurred, the Assistant City Attorneys of the Criminal Division are required to prosecute fully the cases filed.  The Assistant City Attorneys are responsible for making all legal decisions involved in the prosecution of the case.  Throughout this process, the concerns and input of the victim are desired and considered essential to the decision process.  However, a criminal defendant must be held responsible for their conduct.

The Victim Advocate and Assistant City Attorneys want to be a part of the solution to domestic violence and not a part of a system that can re-victimize a domestic battery victim.  The Advocate and attorneys are sensitive to the emotionally charged issues that surround victims of this crime.

In addition to assisting the victim during the trial phase, the Victim Advocate will work with the victim in developing a personalized safety plan. This plan identifies steps to increase a victim's safety and prepare in advance for the recurrence of violence in the home. The victim has no power or control over the batterer's abusive behavior; however, the victim does have choices in how to respond to the abuse including pre-planning what to do during a violence incident to maximize safety, whom to call, and having a safe place to go.

The Clark County Family Court can assist the victim in obtaining a protective order that will outline and instruct the batterer as to the type of contact, if any, that can be made with the victim and/or children. The telephone number of the Temporary Protective Order Office is (702) 455-3400.

Local Support Services

Safe House
(702) 564-3227 -- Hotline/Shelter
(702) 451-4203 -- Office/Counseling
(702) 451-4302 -- Fax

HopeLink for social agencies information and referral
(702) 486-6770

There is information and help available to stop the cycle of violence. A phone call to any number listed on the web page can direct a victim of domestic violence to helping agencies that allow one to live violence free in the home.