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coh community assessment survey 2004

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what our residents had to say



about our community
sense of community origin of residence
We're a strong community. Even though Henderson is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and has been for more than a decade, our residents share a strong sense of community and believe their quality of life here is either improving or staying the same. We're a preferred community within Southern Nevada. 29% of our residents moved to Henderson from somewhere else in the Las Vegas Valley or Nevada. California is the major "out of state" origin for residents (20%).
sense of community pie chart origin of residence pie chart
quality of life place of work
  Henderson is no longer a bedroom community. Three times more residents work within the City limits than on the Las Vegas Strip, and retirees and the unemployed represent more than a quarter of the population.
quality of life pie chart place of work pie chart
length of residence top 10 quality of life factors
We're a relatively "new" community, despite the fact that we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary. Some 69% of our residents have lived in Henderson less than 10 years and almost half (49%) have lived in the community four years or less.
length of residence pie chart
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about city services

Overwhelmingly, residents are satisfied with the City's efforts to provide services (89%). When asked about the importance and satisfaction levels of 31 separate City services, residents ranked 11 as being both high in satisfaction and importance.

high importance and high satisfaction
  • Providing emergency medical services
  • Maintaining a low crime rate
  • Dispatching emergency personnel quickly and efficiently
  • Providing fire protection and prevention programs
  • Investigating criminal activity
  • Preparing the City for emergencies
  • Maintaining parks and recreation facilities
  • Providing youth recreation programs
  • Providing crime prevention programs
  • Preventing floods
  • Providing and maintaining street lights

  • customer service
    City employees were also graded on various aspects of customer service. Among residents who interacted with the City, 7 out of 10 respondents rated service by City employees as excellent or good in all areas surveyed, including courtesy, professionalism, competency and timeliness of response.

    satisfaction with communication
    Citizens are satisfied with the City's communications efforts, and most say direct mail is their preference for receiving City information. The Internet is growing as a favorite communication method, coming in a close second in preference. In fact, some 45% of our residents have visited the City's Web site.

    satisfaction with communication pie chart
    preferred communication methods

    preferred communication methods pie chart
    quick facts
    8 out of 10 residents believe the quality of life in Henderson is getting better or staying the same.
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    9 out of 10 Henderson residents believe a sense of community is important to their quality of life.
    graphic rule 02
    The longer a person lives in Henderson, the higher the sense of community.
    graphic rule 03
    69% have lived in Henderson less than 10 years and almost half (49%) have lived in the community 4 years or less.
    graphic rule 04
    29% of residents moved to Henderson from somewhere else in the Las Vegas Valley or Nevada.
    graphic rule 05
    Three times more employed Henderson residents work inside the City limits than on the Las Vegas Strip.
    graphic rule 06
    76% of Henderson residents own their homes and 64% belong to a Homeowners Association.
    graphic rule 07
    89% believe the City of Henderson is doing a good job providing services.
    graphic rule 09
    8 out of 10 residents are satisfied with the City's communication efforts.
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    about our future

    top three issues future focus
    Residents identified growth, traffic and crime as the top three issues confronting our community. Water quality and water availability were also listed among top issues by Henderson residents. City services identified by residents for future focus were consistent with the community issues. Services listed in the survey as high in importance and low in satisfaction were reducing traffic congestion, managing the City's finances, repairing and maintaining streets, managing residential growth, and providing neighborhood police patrols.
    pavillion kids at water park health care workers
    The 2004 Community Assessment Survey provides an excellent snapshot of the people in Henderson. It also allows a better understanding of what our residents believe is important to their quality of life, how satisfied they are with City services, and where they want us to focus future resources and energies. Along with our other research and communication efforts, these survey results will provide a clear and constant community voice in our future decisions. The survey summary is available at City Hall, at public libraries in Henderson, on the web at or by contacting the City's Public Information Office at (702) 267-2054.

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    James B. Gibson, Mayor
    Jack K. Clark, Councilman      Andy A. Hafen, Councilman
    Amanda M. Cyphers, Councilman      Steven D. Kirk, Councilman
    Philip D. Speight, City Manager

    240 Water Street, P.O. Box 95050, Henderson, NV 89009-5050
    702.267.2054 | 702.267.2081 fax |
    Godbe Research, a national research agency, conducted the City of Henderson Community Assessment Survey in February 2004. A total of 1,000 adult Henderson residents were contacted through a random telephone survey. Survey results have a margin of error of +/- 3.09% for questions answered by all residents.

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