City of Henderson Departments

City Hall SignThe City of Henderson employs 1,847 full time and 1,125 part time employees (December 2014), and is the largest full-service city in Nevada directly providing to residents and businesses all the essential public services: ambulance, fire, police, water and sewer.

Of the City's annual budget of $228.4-million, 32% of city revenues are derived from sales taxes while almost 50% of city expenditures are allocated to public safety. For the past 18 years, the City of Henderson has maintained one of the lowest property tax rates in the State and one of the lowest city employee-to-resident ratios in Southern Nevada.

In 1999 Henderson was the first city in Southern Nevada to provide municipal services away from City Hall, availing residents the opportunity to transact business with the City without the need to drive to the Henderson Government Complex located within the Water Street District.

Henderson was also the first city to stagger city employee work shifts so that public offices could be accessible 10 hours a day, four days a week. Residents can pay water and sewers bills, or do other business with the city, on their way to work or on the way home in the evening. At the same time, the city's four-day workweek, with employees working 9.5 hour days, saves the city approximately $5.70 million each year. With City Hall closed on Fridays, it saves an estimated $1.4 million each year.

Because Henderson is a full service city, residents are not required to deal with a myriad of agencies for municipal services, therefore resulting in elected officials, city management and staff being directly responsible for the delivery of quality of public services and customer satisfaction.