Clark County School District Reorganization (AB 394) FAQs

Just the Facts

Who: The State of Nevada, through the Nevada Legislature and Governor Brian Sandoval.

What: Enacted Assembly Bill 394 (AB 394) into law requiring reorganization of the Clark County School District into local precincts and the creation of two committees to develop an implementation plan and to examine related financial issues.

When: The law was enacted in 2015 and the plan to reorganize the Clark County School District must be completed by Jan. 1, 2017 and must go into effect no later than the 2018-2019 school year.

Where: All public schools within the Clark County School District.


The 2015 Nevada Legislature enacted Assembly Bill 394 (AB 394), a law that will lead to the creation of new local school precincts in Clark County. All public schools that are in the Clark County School District will be part of a precinct, including those in the City of Henderson. Private schools are not affected by the new law.

The law does not specify the number of precincts that must be created, how precinct boundaries are to be drawn or the number of schools or students that each precinct will contain. AB 394 created two separate committees to create a precinct plan. The first is comprised entirely of members of the Nevada Legislature. The second is made up of members of the Nevada Legislature, local elected officials and other community leaders. Both committees are currently gathering information to be used in the creation of the plan establishing local school precincts in Clark County.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the law require?

A: The law requires the development of a plan to reorganize the Clark County School District into local school precincts by January 1, 2017. The law also requires a study of how federal, state and local funds are distributed to Clark County schools and the impact local school precincts will have on public school financing. The plan must be in place no later than the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Q: What is a school precinct?

A: A school precinct is a geographic designation that includes a set number of schools within Clark County. Precincts do not replace a school district and under AB 394, all precincts will continue to be a part of the existing Clark County School District.

Q: Does the law allow for the creation of new school districts in Clark County?

A: No, the law does not allow for any additional school districts in Clark County.

Q: When will the precincts be determined?

A: The law requires that a precinct plan be completed for presentation to the Nevada Legislature by January 1, 2017. The plan must also be presented to State Board of Education and the Board of Trustees of the Clark County School District. The plan will outline the number of precincts that are to be created, the location of each precinct and which schools are to be included in each precinct.

Q: Will there be other opportunities to learn more about the precinct plan and to discuss how it will impact students and schools in my community?

A. Yes. Public input is an important part of creating the precinct plan. Under AB 394, the Clark County Commission is required to hold a minimum of six public meetings in various locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Dates, times and locations for those meetings have yet to be determined. The City of Henderson will also be providing other opportunities to gather community input and to share important information as the formation of the precinct plan moves forward. To be notified of future information about AB 394, please sign-up for online notifications from the City of Henderson by visiting

Q: Can I submit suggestions or comments after today’s open house?

A: Yes, please visit in order to submit additional comments.

Q: Where can I get additional information?

Please visit the Nevada State Legislature website using the links below for the latest legislative happenings regarding AB 394, to watch live meetings and to access reference materials, presentations and other information related to the reorganization of the Clark County School District into local precincts.

Advisory Committee:

Technical Advisory Committee: