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Mayor & Council - Henderson's 60th Anniversary

Henderson, NV celebrates 60 years of heritage


60 facts in 60 days

  1.           Henderson officially incorporated on April 16, 1953

  2.           Dr. Jim French was elected the first Mayor of Henderson in 1953.

  3.           The Henderson Pavilion is the largest outdoor theater in Southern Nevada.

  4.           Heritage Park is the largest multi-use sports complex in the Las Vegas Valley.

  5.           Hendersonís highest point ix 3,540 feet above sea level.

  6.           Hendersonís Fire, Police and Parks and Recreation departments are nationally accredited.

  7.           The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is a designated Wildlife Habitat Site by the
        National Wildlife Federation.

  8.           Henderson became Nevadaís second-largest city in December 1999.

  9.           Henderson has 27 master-planned communities.

  10.           Hafenís OK Tire Shop is longest licensed business in Henderson.

  11.           Estes M. McDoniel served as Henderson mayor from 1969-1973. He also has the distinction
        of having an elementary school named in his honor.

  12.           Phil Stout served on the city council from 1975 to 1979. He later served Henderson as a
        member of the Nevada State Assembly.

  13.           Lorna Kesterson was Hendersonís first female mayor. She served from 1985 to 1993.

  14.           In 1947, Basic Magnesium Hospital was sold Adrian Dominican Sisters for $1 with the
        agreement that the Sisters assume all debt and operate the facility for 25 years. They later
        renamed the facility Rose de Lima Hospital (now St. Rose Dominican Hospitals).

  15.           Henderson has more than 80 miles of trails.

  16.           Henderson spanned 13 square miles when it was incorporated in 1953. Today it spans
        more than 105 square miles.

  17.           Henderson cleans and treats about 24 million gallons of wastewater every day.

  18.           A documentary called Real CSI featured members of the Henderson Police Departmentís
        crime scene analysts and investigators.

  19.           Much of the movie Americaís Sweethearts, starring Julia Roberts, was filmed at
        Lake Las Vegas.

  20.           Ethel M Chocolates is also home to one of Nevadaís largest collections of cactuses,
        with more than 300 species.

  21.           Hendersonís first high school was named Railroad Pass in 1942 and renamed
        Basic High School in 1945.

  22.           Water Street gets its name from the water pipeline used to pump water to the
        Basic Magnesium, Inc. (BMI) plant.

  23.           Businessman N. D. Van Wagenen opened Victory Theatre in 1943. In 1954, he introduced
        Nevadaís largest cinema screen. It was 21x43 feet.

  24.           Business leaders formed Hendersonís first Chamber of Commerce in August 1945.

  25.           Henderson School District merged into the Clark County School District in 1965.

  26.           Burkholder Middle School is named in honor of school superintendent Lyal Burkholder.

  27.           The city of Henderson maintains more than 1,200 miles of water pipelines, and more than
        920 miles of sewer pipelines.

  28.           Henderson recycles 100 percent of the communityís wastewater in what is essentially a
        closed loop system.

  29.           The North Community Police Station, located at 225 E. Sunset Rd., was the first Leadership
        in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified city building in Henderson.

  30.           Henderson has over 4,000 guest rooms and 250,000 square feet of meeting space,
        making it a premier destination for any leisure traveler.

  31.           Henderson is home to 56 parks and more than 80 miles of trails.

  32.           The cityís Redevelopment Agency manages five redevelopment areas:
        Cornerstone, Downtown, Eastside, Lakemoor Canyon, and Tuscany.

  33.           In 1996, Nevadaís largest commercial corridor was created with the opening of
        Hendersonís Galleria at Sunset.

  34.           Henderson was named one of the top 100 best places to live in America
        by MONEY magazine.

  35.           The U.S. Census declared Henderson Americaís fastest-growing city in 1994.

  36.           The city has won the Government Finance Officers Associationís Distinguished Budget
        Presentation Award ten times. It is the highest honor in governmental budgeting.

  37.           The city is named in honor of Senator Charles B. Henderson, an attorney
        and Spanish-American War veteran.

  38.           In the early 1940s, Basic Magnesium had a weekly payroll of $1 million.

  39.           The cityís namesake, Senator Charles B. Henderson, also had a building named
        in his honor. It was Basic Townsiteís post office, which was dedicated in 1944.

  40.           Bank of Nevadaís Henderson branch opened in February 1954. The building cost $150,000.

  41.           The first City Council members included Paul Dickover, Lou LaPorta, John Ivary,
        Bill Engel, and N. D. Van Wagenen.

  42.           On March 11,1954, Henderson AM radio station KBMI began broadcasting. Its 24-hour
        broadcasts featured popular music by artists such as Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller.

  43.           Basic Magnesium Inc. was built by Anaconda Copper Company in 1941 so the federal
        government could produce magnesium for the war effort.

  44.           Black Mountain Golf and Country Club opened June 14, 1959.
        It was the cityís first golf course and featured nine holes.

  45.           Frank Sinatra performed at the Youth Center Victory Show in June 1954 to help raise funds
        for the construction of a recreation center for youth (the Youth Center).

  46.           The late Cruz Olague served as Mayor of Henderson from 1973-1975.
        He was the first Hispanic person to be elected mayor of a Nevada city.

  47.           The Henderson Multigenerational Center/Aquatic Complex opened in 2003
        as the first mega recreation facility in Nevada.

  48.           The cityís first official town meeting as a newly incorporated city took place
        on June 24, 1953.

  49.           Andy Hafen is the twelfth person to serve as Mayor of Henderson.

  50.           The Building and Fire Safety division of the Community Development and Services
        department is nationally accredited through the International Accreditation Service

  51.           Hendersonís Bob Miller Middle School is named in honor of Bob Miller, who served as
        governor of the State of Nevada from 1989 until 1999.

  52.           The late Dr. Paul T. Marshall, who served two terms on the City Council from 1963 to 1971,
        was a respected dentist who practiced in Henderson for more than 40 years.
        He opened his practice in 1954, just one year after the cityís incorporation.

  53.           Reunion Trails Park is home to the largest splash pad in Southern Nevada.
        It is 7,728 square feet.

  54.           George Crisler was appointed as chief of the Henderson Police Department in August 1953.
        He had a staff of five patrolmen and one patrol car, which was borrowed from
        the Clark County Sheriff. Chief Crisler served from 1953 to 1968.

  55.           Ida Belle Riggins was the first woman to serve on the Henderson City Council (1963-1967).
        Riggins Street is named in her honor.

  56.           The City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department is accredited through
        the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA),
        the only agency in Nevada to currently hold this designation.

  57.           The Henderson Police Department was established in 1953
        soon after the city was incorporated.

  58.           Through the Contact Henderson customer relationship management system,
        city staff handled 50,546 cases and inquiries in 2012.

  59.           More than 189,000 meals are served at Heritage Park Senior Facility each year.

  60.           The cityís Fire Department is one of few in the nation to maintain dual accreditation
        with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and
        the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services.