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2019-2020 CDBG Application Online - Available beginning September 4th

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Potential applicants for the City of Henderson Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program should review the eligibility criteria and program regulations found in the Code of Federal Regulations as 24 CFR Part 570, which can be located at


Applications are normally available in late summer or early fall and are due within 30 days of the release date each year. Applications can be found on the Neighborhood Services website, where applicants will be directed to the ZoomGrants website. Only applications completed and submitted on ZoomGrants will be accepted. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Staff reviews all applications for applicant and project eligibility. All eligible applications are made available to the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) members. The PAC conducts several meetings to review the applications and discuss funding recommendations. The PAC may ask applicants to give an oral presentation and answer questions regarding the applicant's organization. PAC allocation recommendations are usually developed by late January and these recommendations are written into a draft Action Plan. The draft Action Plan is published for public review for a period of 30 days during which time the general public may provide comment on the Plan. The draft Action Plan, along with any comments received, are presented during a City Council meeting, usually in April, and the Council conducts a public hearing to receive additional comments from the public. The City Council makes the final decision on CDBG project allocations. Following the Council’s formal vote, the City’s Action Plan is delivered to HUD for final approval. Funding Agreements are developed and executed for each organization that received an allocation.

A CDBG grant funding year runs July 1 through June 30. The funding allocation cycle for an upcoming funding year usually begins the previous fall when applications are released. Informal notices of application availability are mailed and/or emailed via Contact Henderson to individuals and organizations who have requested to be on the CDBG mailing list. Call 702-267-2028 or email to request to be added to the mailing list. Formal Notice of the Availability of Funds and release of applications is published in the Las Vegas Review Journal and El Tiempo in the legal notice section of the paper.