September 2011




Big Things are Happening with the Volunteer Partnership Program!


Most of you already know that the Volunteer Partnership Program (VPP) can help you find groups and individuals who need assistance here in Henderson. But we've added something new - now YOU can register as a potential volunteer!


Just visit the VPP webpage and click on "Register as a Volunteer/Volunteer Group". Enter your name, phone number and select the volunteer categories that interest you. There's even a field for you to list additional information about your skills and experience. Once you click the submit button, your information is added to our database. Then, when individuals or groups need help in your area of interest, they will contact you directly.


For more information on the VPP or for assistance in registering, contact Emily Lewis at (702) 267-2008 or by email.








ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship

The ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship will be held SATURDAY, November 5. Hundreds of athletes from across the globe will compete in the race, which takes racers throughout the Henderson community from Lake Las Vegas to Green Valley.

To ensure the safety of the competitors and race spectators, a number of streets and traffic lanes in Henderson will be closed between 4:30am Ė 6pm. A complete list of closures, as well as detour routes, will be available soon.

For up-to-date news on the ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship as well as detour routes, please contact the City of Henderson Cultural Arts & Tourism Department at (702) 267-2171 or visit




Lisa's Landscape Corner

by Lisa Ortega, City of Henderson Urban Forester

Is fall in the air? Well, with all the rain weíve been having it sure seems so!

October is the ideal time to plant trees in Southern Nevada. It gives them time to establish their roots before the hot summer demands water to their leaves. That means our chore for September is to decide which trees we should plant.

If you pick your trees based on maintenance, remember this: Trees that drop their leaves in fall (deciduous trees) spend about a month littering your yard, while trees such as evergreens shed their leaves all year. Which would you prefer?

And speaking of maintenance, make sure you consider trees' mature size before planting. Donít be fooled by those cute little trees in their little one-gallon pots at the nursery - some of them can grow to be much larger than the space you have. I know you donít want to spend all your time fighting those branches! Keep trees at least ten feet away from buildings and block walls to avoid costly future repairs and possibly their removal when they are at their best.

Lastly, donít forget the fun part of choosing a tree Ė fall colors, spring blooms and leaf texture, just to name a few attributes of trees.

Good luck with your choice, and letís talk about how to plant a tree correctly next month!

For more information, contact Lisa Ortega at (702) 267-4046 or by email.



Connect with Your Neighbors and Local Authorities with  Alert ID

by Officer David Kohlmeier


AlertID is a FREE online web service designed to protect your family and your neighborhood.

Using the newest online technology, AlertID creates instant, two-way communications between citizens and federal, state, and local authorities to provide immediate information on crime, terrorism or natural disasters that can threaten the safety of your family and community.

With the unique AlertID system, you are constantly connected to neighbors, local police and fire departments, as well as federal and state agencies to exchange critical information that can help keep your family and community safe, whether the threat is national, local, or personal such as a missing child.

Take action now to make your home, your neighborhood and your country a safer place to live by learning more about AlertID.



Neighborhood Leadership Forum Recap


We had a great turnout at our August 24th Neighborhood Leadership Forum that focused on HOA rights during the foreclosure process.


For those of you unable to attend, a recap of the information addressed at the event can be found here.


For more information on this or future Forums, contact Heather Rosich at (702) 267-2026 or by email.



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