June 2012

EnergyFit Nevada: Taking Charge of Your Energy

Summertime in Henderson brings temperatures in the 100s and increased energy bills. Now there is a program that can help homeowners get control over their energy use, even during the hottest of days.

For a limited time, EnergyFit Nevada, a program administered by HomeFree Nevada and sponsored by the Nevada State Office of Energy, provides an instant rebate for homeowners who want to make their homes more energy efficient. The program is open to all Nevada residents, regardless of income.

Even if your home is only a few years old, you may be losing energy from:

• Inefficient or weakened weather stripping around your doors and windows
• Tears in the heating and air conditioning ducts
• Inefficient appliances, light bulbs and other fixtures
• Weak insulation

HomeFree Nevada can help you find and fix your home’s energy leaks with approved contractors who will conduct an energy assessment, much like a medical check-up, and make recommendations for how to achieve energy efficiency of 20 percent, 30 percent and more.

Your home is your biggest investment and your most precious retreat, but it also may be your most neglected asset. Getting Energy Fit can make your home more comfortable, more healthy, and save you money - especially during these hot summer months!

Visit the EnergyFit Nevada website at energyfitnevada.com or call HomeFree Nevada at (702) 997-4367 to learn more.



Henderson Pavilion Concerts & Events

The Henderson Pavilion will host a number of concerts in the next few months. Please expect a higher volume of traffic around the venue and surrounding areas including Green Valley Parkway and Paseo Verde Parkway. Slight delays may occur during the following dates and times:

 July 6, 7pm-11pm - Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular                      

For more information, visit HendersonLive.com or call the Cultural Arts & Tourism Department at (702) 267-2171. 



Lisa's Landscape Corner

-by Lisa Ortega, City of Henderson Urban Forester

In many ways, plants are like us living here in the Mojave - summer is just a time to hang on!  As the weather warms up, demands on plants increase significantly. Will they be able to hang on until those monsoon rains give them a needed break? 

That depends on us. When you can, make sure your soil is covered by mulch. The mulch will shade the soil and ensure that the water you put on your plants lasts longer. Chunky rock works well, but I always advocate bark mulch. Rock takes in a lot of heat that roots must deal with. In addition to staying cooler, bark mulch also degrades, which will provide soil with organic matter over time. That organic matter holds water in the soil profile and gives the plants its needed nutrients. 

Periodically take a gander at your plants. Look for burned edges, yellow or droopy leaves or tips of trees that are nothing but sticks. Those are indicators that they need your attention. Inspect your wetting pattern on the surface, then get a shovel and see how deep you are watering. Remember, the best way to water is water, rest, water, repeat.  In other words, soak until there is runoff, let it sit and then soak again. This allows the water you apply to remain much longer than simply spritzing the top layer repeatedly. 

And don’t forget to get your palms pruned in the summer! If you don’t want their luscious dates, prune them off early - they take energy away from the tree that could be used to develop fronds. Only take off dead fronds and keep the green for palm health!  

You can contact Lisa at (702) 267-4000 or by email.


Hazard Mitigation Questionnaire


The Office of Emergency Management is seeking input from Henderson residents to identify the community's concerns about natural and human-caused hazards.


 Please provide your feedback through our hazard mitigation questionnaire. The questionnaire should be completed by an adult, preferably the homeowner or the head of the household.

Please contact Ryan Turner, Emergency Management Coordinator at (702) 267-2212 or by email with any questions.




Don't forget the inaugural...


June 21, 2012

4:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

 Henderson Events Plaza

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Officers from our Community Relations Unit (CRU) are available to attend your HOA board meetings and help you set up a Neighborhood Watch. If your neighborhood is experiencing any problems, they can discuss various crime prevention strategies that can be implemented.

Call (702) 267-5100 for more information.


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