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News Release

Mosquito Prevention Tips for Henderson Homeowners

April 29, 2013



Henderson, Nev. – With warmer weather, the climate becomes right for the hatching and breeding of mosquitoes. The city of Henderson is helping homeowners enjoy a safe and pest-free summer by passing along some tips to keep mosquitoes away from their homes and yards.

Mosquitos can carry disease, including West Nile Virus, that infect humans and animals. Reducing the risk of infection begins with reducing the breeding ground of these pests. Water is necessary for mosquitoes to breed, so eliminate any potential water sources such as puddles that habitually return or leaky outdoor faucets. Mosquitoes favor still or slow moving water to lay their eggs in, so monitor outdoor recycling containers, gutters, pools, ornamental ponds, boats, drainage areas, and anywhere else where water may collect.

Controlling surrounding areas will also reduce the amount of bugs resting in the yard during the day. Tall weeds or vegetation offer an accommodating environment; mow the yard regularly and make sure that weeds are not sprouting up too close to your home's foundation or patio.

If you are concerned about stagnant water or a swimming pool that is not being maintained, report the location to the city of Henderson Code Enforcement Division by calling 267-3950 or online through Contact Henderson.

The Southern Nevada Health District provides additional information on mosquito prevention, surveillance and West Nile Virus at

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About City of Henderson: Incorporated in 1953, Henderson is Nevada’s second largest city with nearly 270,000 residents. Henderson is a premier city, nationally recognized for its stunning parks, trails, master-planned communities, outstanding quality of life and patriotic past. Noted by President John F. Kennedy as a “city of destiny,” Henderson celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2013, a tribute to the city’s rich history and culture. Recognized as one of America’s Best Places to Live (MONEY: 2012, 2008, 2006), one of America’s Best Cities (Business Week), and the Second Safest City in America (Forbes), Henderson is a progressive and vibrant city committed to maintaining premier amenities and services for all who chose to live, learn, work and play in Henderson…a place to call home.


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