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Be Kind

The City of Henderson strives to spread the message of kindness and the value of kind acts through our city special events, programs, parks and facilities.

By encouraging our residents and customers to extend a kind word or gesture, we hope to achieve a greater sense of caring, sportsmanship and empathy throughout Henderson.  

Be Kind Color

Kindness is Key

Participants of Safekey and Teen Scene who extend a kind word or gesture are recognized monthly. Program staff submit nominations and a special award is presented to the top nominees.

Mayor Andy Hafen with, left to right:
Kayden Burell (Estes McDoniel Elementary School), Viktoria Copatch (Aggie Roberts Elementary School), and Adrian Roy (Robert Taylor Elementary School)


Help Spread Kindness

  • Pay someone a complimentwristband on Christmas tree
  • Say thank you
  • Bring in a neighbor’s trash bins
  • Greet someone with a smile
  • Wipe down fitness equipment after use
  • Hold a door open for another person
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line
  • Pick up a piece of litter
  • Ask if you can help
  • Return a shopping cart
  • Compliment someone to their boss
  • Leave a nice server a generous tip
  • Help a mother with her baby stroller
  • Volunteer your time or talents
  • Help someone carrying a lot of stuff
  • Let someone merge into your traffic lane
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  • Offer your seat
  • Bring a treat to work
  • Give someone a book you think they’d like
  • Let them have the parking space
  • Try to make every person in a group conversation feel included
  • Send anonymous flowers
  • Compliment someone in front of others
  • Listen intently
  • Adopt a rescue pet
  • Hold the elevator

2016 Heart of the City Award Honoree J.T. Reynolds

Community volunteer J.T. Reynolds was named the City of Henderson’s 2016 Heart of the City Award honoree during a ceremony kicking off the city’s annual Color Me Kind 5K on Nov. 19. The award was presented by Councilwoman Debra March.

The Heart of the City Award is presented annually to an individual who has performed exceptional acts of kindness or has demonstrated distinctive service. It is administered by the city’s Be Kind Committee, which promotes the benefits associated with incorporating acts of kindness into the mindset and way of life for the people who live, learn, work and play in the City of Henderson.

Reynolds, who retired from the National Park Service after nearly 40 years of service, now works as a substitute teacher at Inspirada’s Pinecrest Academy. He and his wife are active volunteer members of Friends of Sloan Canyon, and Reynolds dedicates much of his time volunteering with middle school students as part of the After School All-Stars outdoor education program. The program uses Sloan Canyon as an outdoor classroom and teaches young people about the importance of preserving the nation’s cultural and natural resources.

Pictured below: J.T. Reynolds with Councilwoman Debra March

J.T. Reynolds


2017 Heart of the City Nominations
The Heart of the City Award is designed to recognize individuals who have performed exceptional acts of kindness that have enriched the lives of our community. The award is presented annually to a citizen or city employee who has demonstrated distinctive service or acts of kindness to another individual, which may be described as one or more of the following:

  • Improvement of academic performance
  • Enrichment opportunities, character building and/or mentoring
  • Recognition of others
  • Possessing exceptional qualities that set this person apart
  • An action or behavior that raised the morale of others
  • Sincere cooperation, positive attitude and exceptional willingness to assist others

City of Henderson residents and employees who have gone above and beyond in promoting and living the kindness message (such as, but not limited to, coaches, teachers, students, and community leaders) are eligible for nomination.

Nominations for the 2017 Heart of the City Award are accepted through October 1, 2017. Download the Heart of the City Award fillable nomination form.

Heart of the City Recipients
2016 J. T. Reynolds
2015 Drew Stevens