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Parks and Recreation


People enjoying Henderson Multigenerational Activity Pool

Year-round Pools
The Whitney Ranch Indoor Pool, Henderson Multigenerational Indoor Pool, Henderson Multigenerational Competition Pool and Heritage Park Aquatic Complex are aquatic training facilities; therefore, sharing of space may be necessary. During lap-swim hours, limited lanes may be available. We ask that patrons circle swim. Aquatic staff will be available to provide lane-sharing instruction and assistance. During recreational swimming, diving boards will be open upon availability.

Admission to our pools (except activity pools) is $2-$3 per person. Activity pools are $3-$4 per person.

Henderson Multigenerational Outdoor
Competition Pool (HMCP)
250 S. Green Valley Parkway
(702) 267-5825

Henderson Multigenerational Indoor Pool (HMIP)
250 S. Green Valley Parkway
(702) 267-5824

Heritage Park Aquatic Complex (HPIP)
310 S. Racetrack Rd.
(702) 267-2980

Whitney Ranch Indoor Pool (WRIP)
1575 C Galleria Drive
(702) 267-5870

You may be asked to share a lane when limited lanes are available.

Seasonal Pools

Black Mountain Aquatic Complex (BMAC)
599 Greenway Road
(702) 267-4079

BMI Outdoor Pool (BMI)
105 W. Basic Road
(702) 267-4029

Henderson Multigenerational
Activity Pool (HMAP)
250 S. Green Valley Parkway
(702) 267-5827

Silver Springs Outdoor Pool (SSOP)
1951 Silver Springs Parkway
(702) 267-5719

Wells Outdoor Pool (Wells)
1650 Price St.
(702) 566-2200

Whitney Ranch Activity Pool (WRAP)
1575 B Galleria Drive
(702) 267-5860

Pool Rentals