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Parks and Recreation

Spinning Instructor

Contract Instructors
Contract instructors conduct a variety of classes and workshops in our parks and recreation centers. From dance to art and tennis to fitness, our talented contract instructors enhance the quality and variety of programs we offer to the community.

Contracted instructors are:

  • Independent contractors and not employed by the City of Henderson
  • Under contract and paid a percentage of their program’s gross revenue
  • Expected and encouraged to set the class tone and develop the curriculum
  • Required to obtain a business license with the City of Henderson and, in many cases, a liability insurance policy that co-names the City of Henderson as an additional insured

The City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department provides the facility and marketing of the program through Henderson Happenings (print circulation of 123,000).

We are always looking for motivated, energetic and professional contract instructors to teach classes that enhance the vision and purpose statements of the City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department. To become an instructor, an individual must possess strong teaching skills; be positive, organized and dependable; have good communication skills; be prompt and reliable; and demonstrate a desire to develop and promote the program. We are interested in classes and workshops that are unique or fill a specific community need. Selections are made based on the instructor’s qualifications and experience, date and time availability, preferred location, need for the program, and marketability of the program.

Submit your online application today
If you're interested in becoming a contract instructor or in learning more about the process, we strongly encourage you to complete an online application. Our staff will review your submission and may get in touch with you asking for more information. You may also contact one of our recreation supervisors to schedule an appointment. Please note that online applications are preferred because multiple supervisors will have a chance to review them and potentially select your program.

Online application

It is important to contact us in advance because the majority of our programs are planned six months or more before they actually begin. Please be advised that submitting an online application or meeting with one of our staff members does not guarantee selection as a contract instructor.