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Youth Soccer players and sports official

Volunteer Coaches Wanted
All City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department youth sports leagues rely solely on volunteer coaches. Each volunteer is required to be certified through the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) and complete a background check. The certification is obtained by attending one of the training sessions offered each youth sports season. It consists of video presentations, group discussions and a short quiz based on the information discussed throughout the video.

Membership with NYSCA provides coaches with many benefits such as liability insurance, continuing education and access to many resources through the NYSCA Website. All coaches must maintain current membership status with NYSCA to be on the sidelines during games. The background check (including fingerprinting) can be completed by attending any NYSCA certification.

Show your community support by coaching Henderson's young athletes. If you are proficient in any sport or are willing to learn, donating three to five hours of your time each week is all that is needed. For more information, call (702) 267-5700.

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Membership can be maintained by simply doing one of the following:

  1. Pay the yearly dues to NYSCA. NYSCA will mail payment notices to all coaches annually based upon each coach's certification or recertification dates.
  2. Volunteer to coach annually and ignore the payment notice from NYSCA. We automatically place you on the continuing member list and pay your renewal.

If coaches go a full year without coaching or paying dues to NYSCA, they must be recertified.

Benefits of NYSCA membership: Initial Membership

  • $1,000,000 excess liability insurance
  • Youth Sports Journal delivered quarterly
  • Introduction to Coaching Youth Sports publication
  • Membership card
  • Discounts for selected hotels, car rentals, theme parks and products

Benefits of NYSCA membership: Continuing Membership

  •  Youth Sports Journal delivered quarterly
  • $2,000,000 excess liability insurance
  • $250,000 excess accident/medical insurance ($50 deductible) for injuries sustained while performing coaching duties
  • Membership card and member decal
  • Discounts for selected hotels, car rentals, theme parks and products


  • Helps volunteers understand the psychology of coaching children
  • Gives coaches practical skills to help all kids have fun and maximize their athletic skills
  • Provides continuing education, support, and resources to help develop your coaching skills
  • Shows coaches how to enhance their relationships with parents, officials, and kids involved in youth sports programs
  • 21 years of experience, an updated program, and quality materials

Background Check
The city of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department also requires that coaches complete a background check every two years. Coaches can complete this at any NYSCA certification training, or at the Sports office. For questions regarding the background check, contact the Sports office at (702) 267-5700.