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Henderson Police

Traffic Bureau

The Henderson Police Department Traffic Bureauís goal is to reduce the number of accidents on the roadways to make the streets safer for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. This is accomplished through traffic enforcement and education, commercial vehicle enforcement, targeting impaired drivers and patrolling the parks and trails. The Traffic Bureau also has sections for parking enforcement and school crossing guards.

Traffic Complaints

To report any problems related to traffic, parking or other traffic-enforcement related issues, please submit a request online.

Parking Enforcement

The Henderson Police Department employs three Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs), to patrol approximately 105 square miles. The PEOs respond to complaints of abandoned vehicles, illegally parked vehicles and unregistered vehicles generated by the public, other city of Henderson departments and other government agencies. In addition, the PEOs pro-actively patrol residential neighborhoods and commercial areas for parking violations as well as private parking lots and gated communities for handicapped parking violations. The Henderson Police Department also has several citizens who volunteer their time specifically to patrol and issue citations for handicapped parking violations.

Investigative Detail

Officers assigned to the Investigative Detail handle all fatal and serious injury accidents, officer-involved accidents, and hit and run investigations. When not investigating accidents, officers check the complaint log and conduct enforcement activities in high complaint areas.

School Crossing Guards

The primary responsibility of a school crossing guard is to help children safely cross the street as they walk or bicycle to and from school. The school crossing guard controls traffic when the children are in the intersection and encourages safe behavior by all pedestrians. In addition, they are the eyes on the street for: unsafe drivers, unsafe pedestrians, unlawful parking, and construction interfering with safe crossing, unsafe street conditions, damaged signs, poor visibility and suspicious activity. The Henderson Police Department employees approximately 160 school crossing guards, for 24 elementary schools at 45 designated school crossings.