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Flood Control - Flood Insurance


Clip Art of house and tree in flood water What is flood insurance?
Flood insurance is the federally backed insurance protection against flood-caused damage to your home or business and the contents.  Flood insurance is only available within those communities who voluntarily participate in the federal National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and meet the requirement to provide for the reduction of future flood damage by adopting floodplain management regulations meeting FEMA requirements.  The City of Henderson has adopted the required regulations and is participating in the NFIP.  Flood insurance is available for all buildings within the City of Henderson.


Do you need flood insurance?
Not all property owners are required to carry flood insurance: Only structures with a mortgage from a federally regulated institution and located within an identified Special Flood Hazards Area (SFHA) are required to carry flood insurance.  An interesting fact to consider when weighing the pros and cons of purchasing flood insurance is that 25 percent of all flood damage occurs in areas that are not identified as high risk.  For that reason, the City of Henderson and the NFIP recommend that all property owners consider purchasing flood insurance whether it is required or not. 


Flood insurance is not included in the normal homeowner or renter insurance and must be purchased separately. If you are part of a homeowner association with a master insurance policy, flood insurance is not part of that coverage.  Even if you do not have a mortgage on your building, we recommend you check to see if it is located within a flood zone and, if it is, that you consider purchasing flood insurance 

What is the flood risk where you live or work?


Find the relative flood risk to your property.


Estimate flood insurance premiums. 



Where can you buy  flood insurance?
The NFIP is your primary source for flood insurance in the United States.  Since the City of Henderson participates in the NFIP you can purchase flood insurance from a licensed private insurance company or independent property and casualty insurance agent in Nevada.  Talk to your insurance agent if you have questions, would like additional information, and/or are ready to purchase a flood insurance policy.  If your insurance agent is unfamiliar with the NFIP or is not licensed to sell National Flood Insurance, you can contact the NFIP at 888.379.9531 and request a referral to a local agent. 


If you decide to add flood protection coverage to your home or business, your insurance agent will need an Elevation Certificate. Call our Floodzone Information Hotline at 702.267.3696 for instructions.   There is a conditional 30-day waiting period prior to your flood insurance effective date.


Flood insurance - To buy or not to buy, 4 important considerations 

  Flooding is the No.1 natural disaster

  Flood damage is not covered by most homeowners' insurance

  25% of flood claims are filed by people in moderate-to-low risk areas

  Disaster assistance, if available, is usually a loan to be repaid with interest


Whether or not you decide to add flood protection insurance, an inventory of your personal belongings should be included with your important records.  Why take the time to prepare an inventory? Suppose your home was completely destroyed. Without a written record could you provide your insurance company with a complete list of the things you lost? Will you be able to list each and every holiday decoration? How about the number of bath towels and dish towels? What about your family's clothing? 


Try this free home-inventory record download. Fill out the inventory and keep a copy in a safe place, someplace it can easily be retrieved when needed, but also protected from a home disaster.


Flood Insurance Fact or Fiction


Fact is an excellent flood reference



Flood insurance is not available to those located in a high flood-risk areas.



National Flood Insurance can be purchased regardless of where you live as long as your community participates in the NFIP. The City of Henderson is a participant, so everyone in Henderson is eligible for this valuable insurance protection.


You must be in a high flood-risk area to be eligible for flood insurance.



Because the City of Henderson is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program, no matter where you live in Henderson you can purchase flood insurance, whether your home  or business is located in a designated high-risk area or not.


Approximately 25 percent of flood claims are made due to flooding that occurs outside of the designated Special Flood Hazard Areas, so it's good to know that there is a preferred-risk policy available at a much lower rate which has been specially designed for residential properties located in low- to moderate flood-risk zones.


Homeowners can contact the company that carries their home insurance for rates and protection.


 I rent and my landlord's insurance will protect me.



Your landlord's insurance will probably not protect you. If you rent your residence, talk to your landlord about your flood damage coverage, or contact an insurance carrier.


I live in a condominium or townhouse and my Homeowner Association Master Policy will cover me.



It is unlikely that a Homeowner Association Master Policy will provide coverage.  Check with your Homeowner's Board of Directors or review the Homeowner Association Master Policy. 


Federal disaster assistance will pay for flood damage.



Before a community is eligible for disaster assistance, it must be declared a Federal disaster area. Federal disaster assistance declarations are issued in less than 50 percent of flooding incidents. The premium for an NFIP policy is much less expensive than interest on any Federal disaster loans you may or may not qualify for.  (Note: If you are uninsured and receive Federal disaster assistance after a flood, you must purchase flood insurance to remain eligible for future disaster relief.)


My homeowners' insurance policy covers flooding.



After a flood is not the time to find out that you are not covered for flood damage. The standard issue homeowner insurance policies do not cover flooding. A separate National Flood Insurance policy is required to protect your  home and belongings against flood damage.


Flood insurance is only available for homeowners.



You the homeowner or renter have the ability to protect your home and belongs against the ravages of flooding by purchasing National Flood Insurance


You can't buy flood insurance if your property has been flooded.



You are still eligible to purchase flood insurance after your home, apartment or business has been flooded, provided that your community is participating in the NFIP, and since the City of Henderson is a participating community, Henderson, Nevada residents and business are eligible.


When it floods the President will declare a state of emergency and I'll have federal aid to repair/replace my home and belongings.



Federal disaster aid under the Stafford Act is only available for major disasters. Damage has to total a little over $1 per capita, so damage has to total more than $2,623,050 (as of 2006) for Nevada to receive federal aid. If damage from a disaster is estimated at around $2,623,050 a request is made from the Nevada governor to the President of the United States who has the final say on declaring the state a federal disaster area and making it eligible for federal disaster aid.


Federal disaster aid covers 75 percent of damage to public property, such as roads, bridges and government buildings, and damage to property of non-profit institutions, such as private colleges or schools. The remaining 25 percent is paid for by the state, local governments or non-profit organizations, or may be split among them depending on the situation.


  Home and business owners are presumed to have private insurance that would provide compensation for their losses; however, other federal programs may provide aid in cases of widespread disasters where private coverage may be inadequate. For example, where people are forced out of their homes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the Red Cross may provide shelter and food.


There is a lot more information available at the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) web site.