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Public Works

Energy-Efficient Streetlight Project

The City of Henderson will be retrofitting approximately 26,000 street lights with energy-efficient induction technology throughout the majority of the city. 

 The new streetlights use 30-60 percent less energy than the amber high pressure sodium lights currently in use, and they last four times longer (up to 20 years.)  This will save our city more than $800,000 annually in energy costs.  Another benefit of the white light produced by the new fixture is the ability to distinguish colors.  Under the amber high pressure sodium lights, red appears gray and green appears brown.  Under the new lights, colors are true. 

 The project will be completely funded from the savings generated by the new energy-efficient street lights. 

 The benefits of the project are: 

  • The reduction in energy consumption is enough to power over 1,200 homes annually
  • Saves over $15,000,000 over the life of the fixtures
  • Provides better color rendition to enhance the safety of neighborhoods
  • No flickering
  • Lights last up to 20 years with superior light quality

Installation has begun in the southeast portion of Henderson.  The entire project is expected to be completed over a six-month time period.  Crews will be working during the day to minimize any interruption of service.  

 Map of project areas - June 7, 2010

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Sidewalk under high pressure sodium streetlight Sidewalk under induction streetlight
Greens appears brown under high pressure sodium Greens appear green under induction

Compares high pressure sodium and induction

Gibson Road near Auto Mall
Color Rendition Comparison of Color Rendition