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Public Works

Quality Control

The Quality Control Division of Public Works is responsible for off-site inspections, materials testing, construction-contract administration and close-out/acceptance of infrastructure.

Off-site inspections include all water mains, sewer mains, storm drains, streets, sidewalks, traffic signals and street lights.  Quality Control (QC) provides inspections for developer-built infrastructure and City capital improvement projects.  Inspections should be scheduled one business day before the work is to be done.

Materials Testing
Includes concrete, aggregate base, pavement and backfill materials used in the construction of public streets, drainage channels, and structures.

Construction-Contract Administration
Includes progress meetings, payment processing, submittal reviews, and project closeouts for capital improvement projects.

Closeout/Project Acceptance/Bonds
Includes bond reduction and release of developer-built projects and acceptance of public infrastructure like public streets, water mains, sewer mains, traffic signals, etc., for maintenance by the City of Henderson.

Additionally, Quality Control maintains a comprehensive database of concerns and requests for service related to the public rights-of-way, such as potholes, pavement patches, construction debris, construction noise and dust.