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Downtown Master Plan 

Traditionally, cities regulate what can take place on private property through a Zoning Ordinance.  The City of Henderson has a Zoning Ordinance and this document tells us what types of uses are permitted, how tall a building can be, how much parking is required, and how close to  your property line you can build.  These documents result in orderly growth and ensure that incompatible uses do not locate next to each other.  At the same time however, a Zoning Ordinance usually does not provide flexibility or encourage creativity in development standards.

The adoption of this Master Plan for the Downtown and the flexibility that it will provide is intended to act as a development incentive for new construction and also for economic development and new business start-ups and job growth in the Downtown.  Water Street District of the future is imagined as a vibrant place of activity and beauty, the kind of place where people will want to live, work and play.  We believe that the Master Plan is another step that will bring us all closer to that reality.

In addition to the Downtown Master Plan effort, we are also working on the Downtown Pedestrian Circulation Plan and a Downtown Park and Open Space Master Plan.  Both of these plans are intended to look at methods to make our existing streets and sidewalks more attractive, more functional, and safer.  Where possible, we want to incorporate more green space into the community.  These efforts are to enhance our Downtown, to make it a more attractive place for our residents and business owners, and to distinguish it from other parts of the community so that other people will want to come to live and visit the businesses that we hope to attract to the area.

The final Downtown Master Plan is slated to be accepted by the Planning Commission in April 2014 and adopted by City Council in May. If you would like to read a full copy of the plan, please click the link below.  Printed copies of the Downtown Master Plan are available through the Redevelopment Agency for a small printing charge.   

For questions, please contact the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency at (702) 267-1528 or email

Downtown Master Plan
Table of Contents
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Administration
Chapter 3- Opportunity Districts
Chapter 4- Land Use and Zoning
Chapter 5- Development and Design
Chapter 6- Signs
Appendix 1-Table of Uses 
Appendix 2-Design Gallery
Appendix 3-Opportunity Maps
Appendix 4-Downtown Districts Proposed Zoning
Appendix 5-Land Use
Appendix 6-Downtown Parking Master Plan

Downtown Master Plan (Entire Document-18.95 MB)