The Citizens' Advisory Committee reports directly to the Mayor and Council on citywide matters. The group recently received direction to work on sustainability issues and is charged with:

  • Promoting sustainability efforts to residents & businesses;
  • connecting City sustainability leadership efforts to demonstrate what the average citizen can do; and,
  • providing citizen feedback for community program efforts to become a premier sustainable city.


  • Thomas Piechota, Chairman
  • Jeffrey Bassing
  • James F. Dunn Jr.
  • Cornelius Eason
  • David Frommer
  • Nancy Frago
  • Shawn Gerstenberger
  • William Dean Ishman
  • Andrew Jacobson
  • Trish Nash
  • Paula Petruso
  • Izaac Rowe
  • Devon Sansone
  • Rick Smith
  • Melodee Wilcox

Meeting Schedule/Agendas/Minutes



Meetings of the Citizen's Advisory Committee shall be held as deemed necessary.  When held, meetings will take place on the second Wednesday of the month in which they are scheduled.  Meetings are held in the City Council Conference Room, 240 Water Street, at 5:30 p.m., and vary in length.

For additional information, please contact Brittany Markarian at (702) 267-1532 or