Utility Services

CAD File Submittal

The City of Henderson Department of Utility Services announces a new requirement for plan submittals involving water, sewer and reclaim infrastructure. During an introductory period from September 1 through December 31, 2017, the City will begin requiring the submittal of a computer aided drawing (CAD) at the time of the currently required mylar submittal. The CAD file shall contain data for utility assets in a format described by the newly established CAD Submittal Standards. After January 1, 2018, the City reserves the right to put a hold on projects until the CAD Submittal Standards are met.

Utility Services CAD Submittal Standards

The Department of Utility Services will host an informational meeting with lunch provided to give an overview of the new submittal requirement and answer questions on the following date.

Wednesday, July 26, Noon-1:30pm
Henderson Convention Center
200 S. Water St.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Department of Utility Services asking for CAD file submittals?

Utility Services is streamlining the process wherein the submittal data is converted and stored in its system of record. Having the proposed changes to the utility infrastructure in an electronic format will help make this process more efficient.  

Why September through December 2017?

Utility Services recognizes that this new requirement may need an initial adjustment period to modify existing workflows to create a file to match the adopted standards. We will use this time period to work with submitters who may have questions or need additional guidance.

Do I need to submit a CAD file for all utility information?

No. At this time only utility information managed by the Department of Utility Services is required in the CAD file. This includes horizontal infrastructure related to water, sewer and reclaim water assets within the City of Henderson service area. As additional standards are developed and adopted for other utility information, this requirement may be expanded and will be announced in advance.

In what format do I submit the CAD file?

Utility Services will accept any version of AutoCAD (DWG) file provided it meets the adopted standards. Microstation and other CAD formats will also be accepted with advance notice provided they meet the adopted standards.

What do I name the CAD file?

The CAD file may be named after your normal naming convention and must be suffixed with “_UT” to indicate that this file contains utility information of interest to the Department of Utility Services and follows the adopted CAD Submittal Standards.

How do I submit the CAD file?

The preferred method for submitting the CAD file is through the City’s secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) website, files.cityofhenderson.com, which allows user to attach a file to a secure email using a web browser interface. This is the same system used by City staff to send files requested through Contact Henderson and requires users to create an account in the system. Files sent through Contact Henderson should be sent to the following email address: CADSubmit@cityofhenderson.com.  Alternatively the CAD file may be submitted with prior authorization on a compact disk (CD) to the DSC Records front counter where the mylar submittals are received.

Do I need to resubmit the CAD file every time there is a change to the plans?

No. The CAD file should be submitted once at the time of final mylar approval and the data in the file should match the information on the mylar submittal.

What will happen to the CAD file once it is submitted?

Utility Services will verify that the CAD file meets the adopted CAD Submittal Standards and provide notification in report form that the CAD file has been accepted.