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Landscape Improvement Programs

Neighborhood Services offers two programs to assist residents with landscape improvements.

Turf Removal Program (TRP)

Information and requirements: 

  • There are no income requirements for this program
  • Maximum loan: $5,000
  • Must own and live in the home where landscape is to be done
  • Home must be located within the City of Henderson
  • Seven-year loan with monthly payments at 3 percent interest
  • Must conform to the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) guidelines to receive rebates - 702 258-7283
  • Minimum credit score of 570

Home Enrichment Landscape Program (HELP)

Information and requirements:

  • Can be used for blight or turf removal
  • Applicant must qualify based on household size and income
  • Maximum loan: $5,000
  • Must own and live in the home where landscape is to be done
  • Home must be located within the City of Henderson
  • 0 percent interest, deferred loan
  • Loan is paid back when owner no longer lives there
  • Turf removal can be combined with the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) rebate program


Contact our office at 702-267-2000 or COHHousing@cityofhenderson.com for additional information.  




by Ron Poblete | 06 Jun, 2017


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