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Animal Control

Animal Sanitation

If your neighbor's backyard seems to have excessive amounts of pet feces, please call our facility at (702) 267-4970 to place a telephone complaint. An Animal Control Officer will be dispatched to the residence of concern to issue a courtesy notice regarding the complaint.

Henderson Municipal code pertaining to sanitation (HMC 7.04.130) reads as follows:

      A.   Every person who is the owner of any animal, or keeps the same upon his premises or under his care, custody or control, shall keep the animal restrained by a fence, cage, coop, chain, leash or other adequate means so that said animal shall not leave or escape from the premises upon which it shall be kept; provided that no person shall keep any such animal unless its living area is kept clean and free from offensive odors, animal wastes and rodents, excessive amounts of flies, or any other offensive or unwholesome condition.
      B.   It is unlawful for the owner or person having care, custody or control of any animal to permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care or control of such animal, any animal to excrete any solid waste upon any sidewalk of any public street or public park, or to excrete any solid waste upon any real property under the control of or in the possession of any other person, or upon any place to which the public has normal access or right of ingress or egress, provided further, that no violation of this section shall occur if the owner of the offending animal promptly and voluntarily removes the animal waste.


One of the simplest and most basic responsibilities of pet ownership is to clean up after your pet. Whether on public areas or in your own backyard, bend over and scoop the poop. Believe it or not, there are actually people who make a living hiring themselves out to pick up and dispose of other people's pet's waste! During any time of the year it is important to keep things clean. Spring and summer are when things really start heating up over the animal sanitation issues between neighbors. Temperatures rise and the odors from an unkempt lawn ride on the heat waves. When disposing of your pet's waste, make sure you close the garbage can lid! If you don't have a lid, dispose of the waste in a garbage bag and tie it off or seal it before leaving it in the garbage can.


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