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Local Economic Recovery

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (commonly referred to as the "Recovery Act") was signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday, February 17th. This $787 billion package offers an opportunity to strengthen our local economy, create jobs, and fund a variety of local projects.

You will be able to track the City's efforts to secure stimulus funding for local projects. In addition, you will also be able to track the progress of any City project funded with stimulus dollars.

CURRENT ARRA APPLICATIONS:  Updated January 21, 2010

Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

  1. Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)
    Project Amount: $304,711

    CDBG funds local community development activities such as affordable housing, anti-poverty programs, and infrastructure development.

     Status: Successful

  2. Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2
    Project Amount: TBD

    The City of Henderson together with the City’s of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and County of Clark have submitted an application to HUD for NSP2 funding in the amount of $376,000,000. Henderson’s portion of this grant if we are successful would be $45,000,000. The NSP2 funds would be utilized to purchase abandoned or foreclosed properties. These properties would then be rented or sold to qualifying individuals with the intent of stabilizing neighborhoods.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

Department of Justice

  1. Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant – Equipment and materials for new police officers
    Project Amount: $502,113

    The City of Henderson Police Department submitted a grant application under the COPS Hiring Recovery Program to sustain 33 Police Officer positions and hire 24 new Police Officer positions. This funding opportunity will provide the necessary equipment needed for the 24 new Police Officer positions as well as replace antiquated equipment with enhanced/emerging technology. Although these funds will not directly sustain and/or hire these Officers, these funds will have a direct impact on the ability of the Officers to successfully fulfill their duties. NOTE: ($7,558,206 divided between the City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, City of Mesquite, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and Clark County)

     Status: Successful

  2. Edward Byrne Memorial Competitive Grant - SVU Protecting Children
    Project Amount: $296,535

    The Henderson Police Department (HPD) is seeking funding for our Special Victims Unit Task Force Project to continue the proactive positive impact we have recently made in our community by providing essential law enforcement services that reduce and prevent violent crime and crimes against children through innovative and proactive investigations. Our goals/focus for this project: Proactive approach to investigations of sexual predator activities of offenders and non-offenders.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

  3. COPS Hiring Recovery Program - Bridging the Gap
    Project Amount: $17,220,384

    The Henderson Police Department is seeking funding to maintain 33 current Police Officer positions that are in jeopardy of being laid off as well as funding for 24 currently unfunded vacant positions.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

  4. JAG - State Solicitation - Detention – LiveScan
    Project Amount: $90,000

    The Henderson Detention Center currently has 262 beds and has an average daily population of 254 inmates. Each inmates finger and palm prints are taken upon entering the facility. The existing equipment is outdated and continues to be faced with many challenges – one of which is the interface with our other databases: Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Infortrack Records Management System (RMS), Offendertrak Corrections Management System (CMS) and Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Our existing system has limited capabilities and according to the vendor replacement parts are no longer available in the United States. The new Livescan stations will offer a comprehensive fingerprinting solution that quickly and easily captures and transmits high quality images to meet our agency’s growing security needs. The improved Livescan stations forms the latest security innovation, offering an easy to use, full featured finger print scanner efficiently housed in an ergonomic cabinet.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

  5. JAG – State Solicitation - B.O.S.S. Chairs
    Project Amount: $16,802

    The Henderson Detention Center (HDC) current has the capabilities to house 262 inmates with an additional 250 beds schedule for use by September 2010. The HDC is hoping to accommodate an agreement with the US Marshals to hold up to 200 of their inmates in the expansion. With increasing our capacity to house more inmates the HDC increases their potential to additional issues. One such issue is drug paraphernalia.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

  6. JAG – State Solicitation – Criminal Investigations – Problem Solving Unit
    Project Amount: $136,910

    Patrol Officers are tasked with prioritize their calls-for-service; responding to highest priority call first, whereby limiting their availability to proactively police further more to focus on drug and gang suppression during their shifts. As a result of this limitation, specialized units such as Problem Solving Unit (PSU) and Gang Unit were created to target and conduct enforcement with a primary focus on street narcotic dealers and criminal street gangs. The goal of these units is to gain a foothold on the narcotic and gang problems in our community before it becomes unmanageable.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

Department of Energy

  1. Weatherization
    Project Amount: $1,139,355

    The City of Henderson has successfully responded to an RFP from the State of Nevada for DOE funding in the amount of $1,139,355. This funding will be utilized to assist qualifying individuals to weatherize their homes to save energy.

     Status: Successful

  2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program
    Project Amount: $2,237,000

    The City of Henderson was allocated $2,237,000 from the Federal EECBG Program budget according to a formula based on city population. The projects chosen for this EECBG funding tie directly to the City’s Sustainability Action Plan. This Action Plan outlines a strategy for increasing the energy efficiency of City buildings and processes, as well as an approach to comprehensive resource conservation. To help the City achieve the Action Plan goals, the EECBG funding will be used to implement several projects:

    1 – Installation of a second bank of solar photovoltaic cells at the North Community Police Substation. This installation will generate solar power for use at the Substation, reducing the City’s grid power consumption by over 56,000 kWh per year and reducing annual green house gas emissions by an estimated 47.6 tons. $393,854

    2 – Energy efficient retrofits at six City facilities, including the Emergency Services Facility, Silver Springs Recreation Center and the Animal Care and Control Facility. Retrofits include installation of more efficient heating and cooling systems, programmable thermostats, and exterior and interior lighting controls. A savings of 31,507 kWh per year is expected, equivalent to a reduction in green house gasses of 54.3 tons per year. $1,298,146

    3 – Installation of a hydroelectric power generator at one of the City’s treated water Flow Control Stations. The new generator will have the capacity to generate all of the power required to operate the station, a potential savings of 959,134 kWh per year and an annual green house gas reduction of 570 tons. Total project cost: $1,427,500, including EECBG funding of $500,000 and City funding of $927,500

    4 – Contribution of 2% of the City’s EECBG formula funding to the HomeFree Nevada Program to help fund its contractor energy audit training program. These funds will be pooled with other local agency's contributions. The training program in turn will increase the availability of certified contractors to perform residential energy audits and set the groundwork for local government energy efficiency rebate programs. $45,000

     Status: Successful

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

  1. National Endowment for the Arts Grant
    Project Amount: $50,000

    The Department of Cultural Arts and Tourism applied for a NEA-ARRA Grant to assist with staff stabilization and arts education programming.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

Department of Homeland Security

  1. Fire Station Construction Grant.
    Project Amount: $4,701,282

    Request is for $4,701,282 to build a 9000 square foot fire station at Heritage Park. Our station request is for a standard 3-bay station with areas for training, segregated sleeping and restrooms, exercise room, and a kitchen/dining area. We will build a fully sprinklered, ADA compliant station with Plymovent diesel exhaust removal system in the bays. The station will have a photo-voltaic power generating system of 20kW for back up and supplemental power.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  1. Nevada Division of Environmental Protection State Revolving Loan Funds (SRF)
    Project Amount: $2,585,000

    The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) are low interest loan programs intended to finance public infrastructure improvements. The Pittman Wash Sanitary Sewer Relocation Project was submitted for SRF funding by the City. The project includes the relocation of approximately 1,650 lineal feet of existing 21-inch sanitary sewer, and constructs of a maintenance access road (approximately 2,200 lineal feet) for the sewer within Pittman Wash between Valley Verde Drive and Sandwedge Channel. Total Project Cost: 2,585,000.

     Status: Successful

  2. Bureau of Reclamation Water 2025 Challenge Grant
    Project Amount: $3,750,000

    While the SCADA system, originally installed in the early 1990’s, has proven to be extremely reliable; system limitations, equipment challenges and enhanced security are driving a need for the transition of HENNET equipment to new technologies to meet future requirements. The SCADA system is a technology tool for achievement of the Department’s mission of providing vital water and wastewater services to the City while protecting the environment, health, and prosperity of the community. A modern SCADA system integrates a broad range of computer, communications, data management, and information technologies. The SCADA System Enhancement Project implements recommendations from the SCADA Master Plan Report. The planned tasks are: Establishing programmable logic controller (PLC) standards; conducting PLC conversions at the water treatment plant, water reclamation facility, lift stations, and pump stations; and conducting remote site communication planning. Total Project Cost: $3,750,000.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

  3. Bureau of Reclamation Water 2025 Challenge Grant
    Project Amount: $1,187,500

    The Meter Replacement and Upgrade project will allow for the purchase and installation of two-hundred (200) technologically advanced 6” and 8” meters and supporting equipment that will allow increased accuracy in the measurement and delivery of water to our customers. The project will also equip all large meters with new AMR (automated meter reading) devices and encoded registers. The AMR devices will form part of a mesh network to provide up to 240 days of hourly profiling capability for all large meters. Since each large meter can provide hourly profiles of water usage, water consumption trends can be monitored and provide enhanced capability for the City to enforce conservation efforts, show customers how and when their water is being utilized, and show customers how to reduce excessive water consumption through better management of their water usage. Other benefits of the system include enhanced detection of customer and distribution system leaks, and hydrologic modeling. Total Project Cost: $1,187,500.

     Status: Not Selected for Funding

Indirect Funding

  1. Adult & Dislocated Workers
    Project Amount: $1,100,000

    The city of Henderson’s Economic Development Division was instrumental in creating a competitive joint grant application to the Department of Labor for funding for a new medical staff training program for adult and dislocated workers in Southern Nevada. The City created a team of the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition ( SNMIC) , the College of Southern Nevada and the Area Health Education Center ( AHEC). AHEC will be the grant administrator and intake system for job applicants, the College will train the screened applicants, and the SNMIC, through the city’s leadership, will promote the program to the medical employers in Southern Nevada. The grant award was $1.1 million and the program began in August 2009. The goal is to train 250 new medical workers over a one year period.

     Status: Successful

Department of Health & Human Services

  1. Administration on Aging - Senior Nutrition Program
    Project Amount: $90,108

    Parks and Recreation Senior Nutrition Program received a HHS ARRA grant for $63,774.  This allowed the Home Delivered Meals Program to establish a sixth home delivery meal route.  The Congregate Meals Program provided all the meals for September and 3 weeks in October after the Aging and Disability Services grant ran out.

     Status: Successful

Department of Transportation

  1. Fed Highway Administration Grant
    Project Amount: $6,329,257

    The city of Henderson’s Public Works Department received funds from the Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration ARRA grant to improve local roadways.  The following four projects are scheduled:

    Ph 1 – GV Pkwy, Horizon Ridge, 100' So UPRR cross (2-inch mil & overlay w asphalt rubber) $1,191,218

    Ph 2 – American Pacific, Stephanie, Gibson (2-inch mil & overlay w asphalt rubber) $3,518,267

    Ph 3 – Volunteer, Exec Terminal Dr, E C-1 Channel (full roadway, 5.5" aggregate, 5" dense graded asphalt) $1,239,306

    Contingency Project: Ph 4 – Stephanie Street, Sunset to 720 feet south of Galleria Drive (2-inch mil & overlay w asphalt rubber) $380,467

     Status: Successful