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Cultural Arts & Tourism

Henderson Pavilion


  • Attendees subject to a search - For the safety of all guests, event attendees are subject to search at any time.
  • Outside Food and Beverage - No other outside food and beverage products are allowed inside, with the exception of one unopened plastic bottle of water.
  • Items not permitted - Not permitted items include glass bottles, alcoholic beverages, coolers or baskets, framed backpacks, umbrellas of any kind, laser pointers, cameras, recording devices, Frisbees, sports balls, noisemakers, skateboards, roller blades, TVs, radios, playpens, confetti, incendiary materials, suitcases, and animals (except assistance animals).
  • Re-Entry Policy - The City of Henderson institutes a "no re-entry" policy for all events.
  • Lawn Chairs/Blankets - We offer a limited number of lawn chairs free of charge. Blankets are welcome.  Personal lawn chairs are prohibited.
  • Children's tickets - Children under the age of three does not need a ticket, unless occupying a seat. All other children must present a ticket for Pavilion events.
  • Entrance/Exit Entrance to or exit from the Pavilion will be made through designated gates and stairwells only. No attempts to bypass or block such exits will be permitted.
  • Behavior Though enthusiasm is strongly encouraged at Pavilion events, guests may not offend others, or be abusive to other guests, players or staff. Any guests who engage in disruptive or abusive behavior will be asked to leave the premises. Please turn off or set to vibrate all cellular phones and pagers prior to entry and for duration of the program.
  • Smoking The Henderson Pavilion is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is permitted on the outdoor promenade and in designated areas only.
  • Illegal Drugs/Controlled Substances At no time will illegal drugs or controlled substances be tolerated on the premises.
  • Weapons No weapons of any kind, e.g., firearms, knives, blades, explosives, mace, pepper spray, or chains, will be permitted on the premises.
  • Security The City of Henderson will provide on-site security during events. Do not leave children unattended at any time. Your ticket is a license to attend the ticketed event only.
  • Rain or Shine All performances/events are held rain or shine. All performances/events are subject to postponement, delay or cancellation due to severe weather. The Henderson Pavilion reserves the right to interrupt or delay any performance for up to 40 minutes.