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"If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..." Essay Contest 2012


Coordinated by the City of Henderson Neighborhood Services Division, in partnership with the Galleria at Sunset, the annual “If I Were the Mayor of Henderson…” Essay Contest is open to all Henderson 5th-graders. Five winning essays are selected based on spelling, grammar, originality and understanding of local government.  Every child who participates receives a certificate signed by the Mayor. Winners read their winning essays at City Hall at the Mall and are recognized at City Council.   



We are proud to present the 2012 winners:




Kelly Barbas – Henderson International School


If I were the mayor of Henderson, I would focus on four things: pollution, transportation, obesity and small businesses. For clean air, I would order electric cars and buses for the city. By offering incentives to residents, they could buy electric cars also. Second, limit fast food restaurants within the city. Too many unhealthy food choices make unhealthy citizens. Next, expand our public transportation system. Many Henderson elderly citizens can’t drive. Buses would make them mobile and reduce pollution. Finally, I would encourage small businesses to open. Independent businesses would give the city a unique feeling and provide more jobs.



Rille Elrod – Frank Lamping Elementary


Picture this, a solar operated amusement park, a five story homes shelter, and companies like Apple, Microsoft, Walmart and Nike based here in Henderson, Nevada. Having our own amusement park, SunFun, would create hundreds of jobs and the profits would help support Hender-Home, our homeless shelter. Rides and lights would not only run on solar power, but would be built with 100% recycled material.Bringing factories to Henderson would create many jobs, boost our economy, and would insure that our jobs are kept here at home. Elect me to create a better Henderson.



Amani Hoyle – Lorna J. Kesterson Elementary


Me, Amani Hoyle for Mayor of Henderson, what a wonderful thing that would be! I would employ more citizens at work and provide more assistance for those in need. Foreclosures would be the thing of the past! Recycling would be our #1 goal in Nevada. I have had some good experience in government due to my three years of Student Council (the people love me!). I promise as Mayor that I would do my very best to make the future of Henderson big and bright, because I’m Amani Hoyle and I’m proud to approve this message!


Isabella Landberg – Frank Lamping Elementary


“Citizens of Henderson Elected Very First Latina Mayor”. That’s what I would like to see printed one day in the Las Vegas Review Journal! As mayor I would improve the quality of education. Hiring the best teachers and having the technology available in schools is important for the leaders of tomorrow. As mayor I will also help our pets by building more animal shelters. In order to generate revenue and create jobs, I would create a sports complex and have professional teams from all over the country come and play their sport. Imagine the Super Bowl or the World Cup in Henderson!


Sarah Nicholson – Frank Lamping Elementary


If I were the Mayor of Henderson, I would do my best to make it a great place for everyone to live. I would start off by trying to get everyone to recycle. I would offer a discount on their garbage bill if they recycle weekly. I would also like to add more parks and trees to make our community a beautiful place to live. Every year, I would have a doggie walkathon to raise money to help the needy animals in our community. That’s just a few of the many things I would do to improve our amazing city.


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