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Public Works


Forms and Instructions                                                       Updated: October 28, 2014


SRW-15 Annexation Application 
QLC-01 Approved Asphalt Patching/Concrete Repair Products/Procedures 
TRF-13 Approved Street Lighting Suppliers
TRF-01 Barricade Plan Las Vegas Valley Conditions of Approval
TRF-04 Barricade Plan Permit Submittal Form
LND-01 Bond Estimate and Inspection Fee Form
LND-02 Bond Estimate and Inspection Fee Form (Microsoft Excel)
QLC-02 Bond Reduction/Release Application
SRW-02 Bureau of Land Management Recreation and Public Purposes Permit
SRW-05 Bureau of Land Management Right-of-Way Permit
SRW-03 Bureau of Reclamation Right-of-Way Permit
LND-03 Civil Improvement Plan Revision Procedure
LND-04 Civil Improvement Plan Submittal Form 
LND-05 Civil Improvement Submittal Checklist
SRW-07 Corporate Authorization Form
SRW-12 Declaration of Value Form
SRW-01 Dedication/Easement Application.
LND-06 Deferral of Offsite Improvements
QLC-05 Electronic Submittal Requirements and Procedure
LND-07 Encroachment Permit Requirements
SRW-04 Federal Government Application
LND-08 Finished Floor Elevation Certificate
LND-09 Finished Floor Elevation Certificate (Microsoft Word) 
LND-10 Fire Department General Notes
LND-11 Grading Permit (Interactive Application) 
LND-12 Grading Policy and Permit Requirements
LND-13 Hydrology Study Submittal 
SRW-08 Limited Liability Company Authorization Form
SRW-09 Limited Partnership Authorization Form
LND-14 Offsite Improvements Agreement 
LND-14(a) Offsite Improvements Agreement - First Amendment
LND-15 Offsite Improvements Agreement-in-lieu of Bond
SRW-13 Ownership Disclosure Form
SRW-10 Partnership Authorization Form
SRW-14 Property Management Application
QLC-08 Public Works Offsite Inspection Codes and Instructions
QLC-09 Public Works Offsite Inspection Overtime, Callout, Holiday Rates
QLC-11 Public Works Offsite Inspection Requirements for C of O
QLC-12 Public Works Subcontractor On-line Registration Instructions
LND-16 Revocable Permit Application (City of Henderson Right-of-Way) 
LND-17 Standard General Notes
LND-20 Standard Onsite Speed Hump Detail
LND-18 Standard Sewer Notes
LND-19 Standard Water Notes
FLD-01 Storm Water Pollution Construction Checklist
FLD-03 Storm Water Pollution Standard Plan Notes
FLD-02 Storm Water Pollution Plan Inspection
TRF-06 Streetlight Notes
TRF-09 Traffic Impact Analysis Fee Schedule
TRF-10 Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines
TRF-11 Traffic Impact Analysis Submittal Form (June 10, 2014)
TRF-00 Traffic Notes
TRF-12 Transport Building/Other Structure
SRW-11 Trust Authorization Form
SRW-06 Vacation Application
QLC-13 Water Main Shutdown Request (required for public water mains)


FLD=Flood Control
LND=Land Development
QLC=Quality Control
TRF=Traffic Services