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Educational Outcomes at Henderson Public Schools Show Improvement in Key Categories

March 28, 2019

Henderson, Nev. – A study of educational performance measures of Henderson public schools for the 2017-2018 academic year concluded that student outcomes have improved from the previous year in the key categories of math and reading proficiency and graduation rates.

According to the Education Analysis 2018 Update completed by Applied Analysis, while Nevada’s class of 2018 set a graduation rate record at 83.2 percent, Henderson’s high school graduation rate rose to 92.5 percent, six percentage points higher than the previous year’s rate of 86.1 percent. Since 2016, Henderson’s national graduation rate ranking in comparison among large school districts has improved significantly, passing nearly 75 other districts to increase from 138th to 64th.

At lower grade levels, Henderson schools continue to outperform many others nationwide in math and reading proficiency, which is at 48.3 percent and 65.4 percent respectively for Henderson fifth graders and significantly higher than the statewide proficiency rates of 35.9 percent in math and 50.4 percent in reading.

“The Mayor and Council's mandate for quality education led to us creating the Henderson Community Education Advisory Board and providing nearly $1.5 million to Henderson public schools last year to help improve student outcomes,” said City Manager Richard Derrick. “The City of Henderson will continue to advocate with the Clark County School District and align resources for increased student achievement, which is one of the priorities in our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.”

Applied Analysis examined data from 39 public schools located within Henderson city limits with a total enrollment of about 43,000 students during the 2017-2018 school year, an increase of 1,000 students from the previous year. For national comparisons, data was compiled from 305 school districts around the country that qualified as large districts based on an enrollment greater than 25,000 students.

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