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Henderson Residents Give High Marks in Community Assessment Survey

February 20, 2019

Henderson, Nev. – A community assessment survey commissioned by the City of Henderson in November 2018 shows that 98 percent of residents are satisfied with the city as a place to live and 94 percent are satisfied with the city as a place to raise a family.

In Henderson’s 2018 community assessment survey, residents rate city services higher than the national average in 38 areas spanning parks and recreation, public safety, public works, communication and customer service. The highest survey results are for overall quality of city services, which are rated at 44 percent above the national average and for value received for city taxes/fees, which are rated at 45 percent above the national average. Residents identify roadways and infrastructure and crime prevention as the top community priorities.

“Past citizen surveys have helped the City of Henderson to focus strategic planning efforts and invest in areas that are important to our residents and clearly that deliberate approach is producing extraordinary results,” said City Manager Richard Derrick. “We are always looking at opportunities for improvement so that Henderson will continue to be a preferred community to live, work, raise a family and retire.”

The 2018 community assessment survey was performed by ETC Institute, a leading market research company specializing in local government organizations. About 12,000 Henderson households were randomly selected to receive a mailed survey and 1,776 surveys were completed, yielding statistically valid data that has a 95 percent level of confidence with a margin of error of +/-2.3 percent. The city’s four wards were equally represented in the data with about 400 surveys completed in each geographic area.

The City of Henderson has conducted citizen surveys since 2004 with many of the questions standardized to measure trends in residents’ perceptions over time. Satisfaction levels that are showing upward trends are in the areas of employment opportunities, emergency response times, business recruitment, police officers’ attitudes, management of City government finances and professionalism of City employees.

Results from the 2018 community assessment survey can be viewed at

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