Animal Control

Leash Law & Animals Running Loose

Henderson Municipal Code pertaining to the leash law reads:

7.08.020 - Animals at large.  It shall be unlawful for any person having charge, custody or control of any animal to permit the same to be at large or trespass on the private premises of another, or to be on any public highway, street, alley, court, public ground, or unfenced lot. All animals must be confined to the owners' property or shall be on a leash when on any public property, any highway, street, alley, court, park, public ground, fenced lot or wash. Leash requirements do not apply to designated enclosed areas of animal parks or animals participating in sanctioned performance events.


Who do you call if you see dogs actively running loose?

Call the Henderson Police Department at (702) 267- 5000.  Do not call 9-1-1 unless it is a true human emergency (such as a dog actively attacking a person).  9-1-1 should not be used for animal emergencies.  

How do you report dogs that are seen at large but are not a current threat or have returned home?

To report any animals that are seen at large or allowed to run loose use Contact Henderson : report animals running loose.  You can also call Animal Control at 702-267-4980 and leave a detailed message.

What about other animals like cats and ferrets?

The leash laws apply to ALL animals including cats and ferrets. Pet owners have a legal responsibility to keep their cat, ferret, rabbit etc. on their own property, just as one would do for their own dog.

What can I do about my neighbor's cat that is allowed to roam freely?

We loan humane cat traps out to City of Henderson single family residences for 10 day increments, weather permitting. After a trap has been reserved and is picked up and once the cat has been trapped, you can either notify Animal Control and an Officer will come pick up the cat from your property or you can bring the trap and cat to our facility.  For further information please call our office at (702) 267-4970.

How do I find out if my animal has been impounded?

It is the owner's responsibility to call and report their pet lost to Animal Control.  Animal Control staff will call the pet's owner if it is wearing a Henderson pet license, ID tag, or has a registered microchip.  You can also visit our Lost and Found page on our website.

If you live outside the City of Henderson

Call either Clark County Animal Control (702) 455-7710 or City of Las Vegas Animal Control (702) 229-6444 or your local police department to report animals running at large.