Bike Henderson

Bike Safety & Parking


Bike Racks

The City of Henderson provides bike racks at locations throughout the community, including most recreation centers, parks and other city facilities. Racks are also conveniently located at many Henderson businesses.

Bike Safety

With an increase of people using bicycles for everyday transportation and recreation, the city encourages bicyclists and motorists to share the road and to know your responsibilities and rights.

Bicycling Laws
3 feet Follow the 3-Foot Rule
When passing a cyclist, change lanes or give at least three feet of space. (NRS 484B.270)
right Keep to the Right
Ride as far to the right of the road as possible (NRS 484B.777) Ride in the same direction as traffic (NRS 484B.763)
traffic-signal-icon Stop on Red
Obey all traffic signs and signals (NRS 484B.763)
arm-signals-icon Signal Your Intentions
Use hand signals for turns and stops (NRS 484B.768)
Don't be clingy
Don’t be Clingy
Don’t grab onto or cling to a vehicle (NRS 484B.773)
no-doubles No Doubles
Only one rider per seat (NRS 484B.770)
front-light-icon Light Up at Night
Use a white light on the front, red reflector on the rear, and reflective material on the sides of your bike when riding at night (NRS 484B.783)
Brake it up Brake it Up
Brakes should enable wheels to skid (NRS 484B.783)

Bicycling Tips
Helmet Protect Your Head
Helmets are not required but should be worn to prevent injury
Go with the flow
Go With the Flow
Check your bike’s mechanical condition before riding Don’t follow vehicles closely or ride in their blind spot May ride on the sidewalk as well as the roadway Always yield to pedestrians
Bike Work Station
Located on River Mountains Loop Trail (near Equestrian Drive & Foothills Drive) & McCullough Vista Park

The bike work station is an area where cyclists can repair their bikes. The station includes equipment to pump tires, tighten bolts and change a flat tire.