City Attorney

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of the City Attorney’s Office is responsible for representing the public in the prosecution of DUIs, domestic batteries, traffic infractions, and all other adult misdemeanor crimes occurring in the city of Henderson. 

The Victim Advocate Unit is also a part of the Criminal Division.  This Unit has been established to assist all victims of domestic battery, stalking, harassment, and any crimes against person or property.

If you require information regarding a court appearance in a pending misdemeanor criminal or traffic case, please call 702-267-1370 and choose the appropriate option from the automated phone recording.  Inquiries regarding traffic and criminal cases set in Court must be handled by the prosecutor assigned to the case and cannot be processed by an e-mail request.  If you are represented by counsel, please direct all communication to your attorney.

Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) – Click here for more information.
City Attorney Contact List - Criminal Division

Sealing Records Booklet - Sealing misdemeanor criminal records in the Henderson Municipal Court.
Record Sealing Record Sealing Template (Microsoft Word)