City Clerk

Election Signs

Temporary Off-Premises Election Signs

are regulated by Henderson Municipal Code

  • Election signs require a building permit.
  • The maximum size of a temporary off-premises election sign is 18 square feet in residential zones and 128 square feet in all other zones.
  • Temporary off-premises election signs must not visually block any area within a street right-of-way or be located within the site visibility zone when taller than 24 inches above the curb or edge of pavement where no curb exists. Where no pavement exists, measurement must be made from the edge of the travel way. Signs may not be placed on private property without the property owner’s or authorized agent’s written consent. Written consent shall be provided to the city upon request. Signs may not be placed, posted or otherwise affixed within public rights-of-way, medians or upon any public property and on any site with construction fencing.
  • Temporary off-premises election signs may be installed on or after January 1 of the year in which the election for that registered candidate or qualified ballot question occurs. Each temporary off-premises election sign must be removed by the permittee within 10 days of the election in which the office, issue, or ballot question is decided.

All sign concerns/complaints should be directed to Code Enforcement.

County & State Regulations

Candidates should examine county regulations and city ordinances for rules regarding campaign signs. In addition, state law governs campaign signs placed within highway rights-of way.

Review NRS 405.030 and 405.110 for specific prohibitions, removal policy by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), and possible penalties. State law sets time periods for the placement of campaign signs.

Please refer to the NDOT Political Signs & Your Highways brochure or contact the Department of Transportation at 702-385-6540 for further clarification.