City Clerk

Public Records Requests

The City Charter, State Statutes, and the Municipal Code establish the City Clerk as the City’s official Recordkeeper.  As such, the City Clerk is charged with ensuring the maintenance and availability of the documents needed to provide an accurate account of the actions of City government and those needed to safeguard the rights of the City and public.

According to NRS 239.010, all public books and public records of a governmental entity, the contents of which are not otherwise declared by law to be confidential, must be open to inspection.

Online Records Search

The following records are now available online:

Meeting Minutes
Agenda Items
Henderson Municipal Code
Development Code
Incident Crime Reports

Development Records
These records include permits, planning and zoning applications, business licenses, etc.

Traffic Accident Reports
Closed traffic accident reports are available online, free of charge, at Accidents that are under investigation will not be available until the investigation is complete and the case is closed. Henderson Police accident reports should be available online approximately 48 to 72 hours after the accident.

Open Data
Open Data does not include access to documents, but consists of datasets related to parks, financial data, licensing, crime data, etc. The City of Henderson Open Data page includes:

Open Data Portal
Access to public information to facilitate transparency and knowledge

Open Budget App
An interactive view of the City’s budget and how public funds are allocated.

Henderson Data Explorer
In an effort to supply our citizens real time access to economic and demographic indicators, the City has partnered with Applied Analysis to provide the Henderson Data Explorer portal.

Henderson GIS Data Portal
The City of Henderson has created this GIS (Geographic Information System) data portal to allow our GIS data to be as transparent, discoverable, and usable as possible. Please note that this data is offered as a general reference only.

If you need assistance or would like to request other public records, please see the instructions below to submit a request.

How To Request A Public Record

Public records requests may be made via Contact Henderson. Submitting your request in writing helps to reduce confusion about the information being requested and effectively communicating your request will help ensure a timely response. Requests should identify as specifically as possible the type or record(s), subject matter, approximate date(s), and the desired method of delivery (email, hardcopies, etc.). Click on Contact Henderson then select “Records Requests” and the appropriate category; then click “Next”. Follow the subsequent steps to submit your case. If you are unsure which category to select, please choose “Other.”

The City of Henderson’s Public Records Policy has detailed information on requesting public records for both the general public and the media. This policy also lists additional instructions on fee assessment and describes the public records legally exempt from disclosure.

Additionally, public records requests may be made by calling the City Clerk’s Office at (702) 267-1419, or by visiting the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 240 Water St., Henderson, Nevada. For more information regarding Police records please call (702) 267-4700, or visit their website at:


Fees may be assessed in accordance with NRS 239.055.  There may be a charge for copies of public records and staff research time. Please see the City-Wide Public Records and Document Fee Schedule for specific information.