City Manager

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

The City of Henderson has a long tradition of planning strategically for the future, because we know that success does not happen by accident. In addition to past strategic plans, our recently adopted Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan, the Smart Cities strategy, and Economic Development plans have provided a solid foundation of work for the City’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

The strategies outlined here were refined over the last six months in a truly collaborative and inclusive process. The City’s executive leadership team and staff committed to a rigorous approach that resulted in the identification of 21 Major Opportunity Areas that, if addressed, can make our City even greater than it is today. These opportunities fall within the five priority areas that were accepted by the City Council. Although some priority areas were carried over from the previous strategic plan, others represent new areas of focus.

This plan will serve as our roadmap and ensure that we successfully achieve our mission. As we move into the execution phase, we will focus on monitoring data-driven results, providing transparent and accountable progress reports to stakeholders, and remaining agile as new challenges arise and updates to the plan become necessary.