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Comprehensive Plan Implementation Advisory Committee (CPIAC)

Advises and makes recommendations to the City Council to guide implementation efforts for the City’s Comprehensive Plan, also known as Henderson Strong. The Committee will prioritize action items for implementation pursuant to the Henderson Strong Implementation Matrix and will assist in the development of partnerships to collaborate on the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.


The CPIAC Board is facilitated by the City of Henderson’s Community Development & Department.  The board is comprised of up to 15 members of the community including business and community leaders, residents, developers and other local representatives.

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Meeting Information

CPIAC meets at least quarterly per recent HMC updates. Meetings are held in the Mayor & Council Boardroom, 240 S. Water Street, at 3:00 p.m. and run for approximately two hours.

Access the meeting agendas and back-up for previous and upcoming meeting dates here.

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