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Development Code & Revisions

Development Code

The new version of the Henderson Development Code was adopted on January 19, 2010.

The online Development Code is available in PDF format and always includes the most recent updates to the Code.  This version is offered to the user because of the printer-friendly feature.  Each chapter is available separately in the links below.  You may also download the entire Chapter 19 (12 MB), Appendix A, and Appendix B in PDF format.  A spiral-bound hard copy can also be purchased for $38 or on CD for $1 from the Community Development Department located on the first floor in City Hall.  To place an order, please call 702-267-1500 or submit your request using Contact Henderson.  Please allow at least one week for printing.

Plant List:  As referenced in the Development Code, the SNRPC Regional Plant List provides recommended plant materials to meet code requirements as well as helpful information for over 600 trees and plants that grow well in our desert environment.

Please note: A revision to the Code was adopted on November 17, 2020. Access the latest revisions approved by City Council.

Online Interactive Zoning and Land Use Maps

The City's online interactive zoning and land use map application provide visual reference of the latest current planned land use and zoning designations.  Please contact the Community Development Department staff at (702) 267-1500 to purchase hard copy maps, obtain more detailed information, or receive answers to your questions.

Development Code Update

The City is currently in the process of updating the Development Code to ensure alignment with the vision and goals of Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan , accordance  with Federal  and State statutes, compliance with current case law, application of best planning and sustainability practices, and to remain responsive to changes since its last update in 2010.

The City aims to craft an updated Development Code that:

  • Implements Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan, including the vision for priority areas;
  • Promotes high quality design through effective regulations;
  • Provides clear decision-making protocols and streamlines review process, increasing efficiency and predictability;
  • Is clear, concise, understandable, and easy to use.

Current draft documents include:

For more information or with specific questions, please email or call 702-267-1500.