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Fair Housing

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Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended by Congress in 1988 in enactment of the Federal Fair Housing Act, prohibits discrimination in the provision of housing and housing-related services based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (gender), familial status (presence of children under the age of 18), and handicap. Nevada state law also includes protections based on ancestry, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression. Fair housing laws apply to all types of housing and housing-related transactions, including rental, sales, lending, insurance, and advertising. Any entity that controls housing choice, including public housing authorities, homeowner associations, and agencies administering housing funds, is subject to the provisions of state and federal fair housing laws.

The City of Henderson is committed to affirmatively furthering fair housing for all residents of our community. 

Reasonable Accommodation Requests

Persons may seek a reasonable accommodation to City rules, policies, practices, or services including those concerning zoning and land use, when such accommodation may be necessary to afford a person or persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling.

Reasonable Accommodation Application

This and other relevant forms available here.

To learn more about reasonable accommodations and other Federal Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity information visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) FHEO website.

2020 Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

The City of Henderson is one of five cities in Clark County who participates in the development of a Regional Analysis of Impediments (RAI) to Fair Housing Choice, as required by HUD every five years.

The purpose of the RAI is to identify and evaluate potential obstacles or impediments, in both the private and public sector, to a person's ability to choose their residence free from discrimination, and to recommend actions that address such impediments in a 5-year Fair Housing Action Plan. As a recipient of federal funds awarded by HUD, Henderson is committed to affirmatively further fair housing. 

2020 Regional AnaIysis of Impediments

Fair Housing Questions and Complaints

For questions about fair housing rights and responsibilities, or to file a housing discrimination complaint, the following agencies can provide information and/or complaint intake services. Note that you have up to one year after the last incident of discrimination to file an administrative complaint, and up to two years to file a court case.

Silver State Fair Housing Council
A private, non-profit agency providing a comprehensive program of fair housing outreach, education, and enforcement services.
Phone: 888-585-8634 toll-free / 775-324-0990 northern Nevada / 702-749-3288 southern Nevada / Relay Nevada 711

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Regional Office in San Francisco
Federal agency enforcing the federal Fair Housing Act; receives and investigates bona fide claims of housing discrimination.
Phone: 800-347-3739 / 415-489-6564 TTY 

Nevada Equal Rights Commission
State agency enforcing state fair housing laws; receives and investigates bona fide claims of housing discrimination.
Phone: 775-823-6690 northern Nevada / 702-486-7161 southern Nevada / Relay Nevada 711 or 800-326-6868