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What: The City of Henderson recently adopted the Henderson
Strong, ComprehensiveHSLogoColor Plan Update on July 11, 2017Henderson Strong  is the citywide planning document that communicates the vision, long-term goals and objectives that guide the physical development and orderly management of growth of the City for the next 20 years. Built on a strong foundation of research and community engagement, Henderson Strong will capitalize on the City’s strengths and address weaknesses to ensure it remains a premier community.

Henderson has experienced demographic and economicHenderson-Strong-Implementation change since its last Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2006 and is projected to continue changing and growing over the next 20 years. With the economic recession and associated economic effects, it is an important time to evaluate the City’s vision to keep Henderson an attractive place for residents, students and businesses.

Additionally, Henderson has aligned local plans with the Southern Nevada Strong (SNS) Regional Plan to ensure competitiveness for implementation funding through local, state and national sources. SNS identifies a series of priorities, goals and objectives to increase the region’s economic competitiveness and the City of Henderson customized and applied these principles at the local level and in creative ways to work for our unique community.

Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan Document Library

This effort is a product of the Long Range Planning Division of the Community Development and Services Department at the City of Henderson. The Long Range Division focuses on the practices of areas of land use, analytical services, regional collaboration, and community outreach. All divisions of the Community Development and Services Department work to partner with the community to plan and promote a vibrant, safe, balanced, cohesive city for today and tomorrow.

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