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EnerGov DSC Online Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I schedule an inspection on a permit?
In order to be able to schedule an inspection on a permit, you must be listed as a contact on the permit.  The originator of the permit can add you as a contact on the permit.

Why can't I register as a subcontractor?
If you are getting an error saying there isn't a proper license available to register as a subcontractor, it could be one of two issues.  First, ensure that you have a contact on your subcontractor registration whose contact type is of the discipline for the type of subcontractor registration you are completing (e.g. Plumbing Contractor, Electrical Contractor or Mechanical Contractor).  If you only have a contact type of Applicant on the registration, this is more than likely your issue.  Second, is the company that you’re trying to register is not a company with Nevada State Contractor Board licensing information that exists or is of the right classification for the subcontractor registration type you are completing.

Why can't I add any contacts to my permit?

If you do not see the Update Contacts button at the bottom of the Contact Details section, then the system does not recognize you as a contact on the permit.  You will need someone who is listed to add you as a contact.  That is unless, the permit is closed.  Once a permit is final, editing of the contacts is disabled.

I can’t find the contact that I’m trying to add
The contact that you are looking for might not have a contact in our system. Please ensure that they have registered with our online system. Also, the company you are looking for might have a different company name from the name they use as their Doing Business As (DBA), please send an email to for assistance in locating the company contact. We may be able to provide a unique contact id that is assigned in our system to all contacts and can be used when available to search for the contact you want to add.

I can’t see the “Update Contacts” button?
If you can’t see the “Update Contacts” button, then you are not listed as a contact on the permit or your online registration is not connected to the contact that is listed on the permit. If you have a Prime contractor and you are a subcontractor, have the Prime add you as a contact on the permit. If you are the originator of the permit or you can see your contact connected to the permit connected to the permit in the Contact details, first check that you are indeed logged on and if so, contact the City of Henderson and let them know that you can’t see a permit that you are logged into.  Send an email to to report the issue, make sure to include the email address that you use to log‐on and the permit number with which you would like to be connected.

How do I see the status of my plan review?

Your plan review can be viewed so long as you are a contact on the permit.  You will see the reviews in the Submittal section of the permit page.  Click the submittal that you are looking for more information on and it will show you the details and the timelines of that review.

How do I pay a fee on my permit?

On the right side of the main permit page, you will see the Remaining Fees section if you are a contact connected to the permit.  The fee payment process can begin by click in the "Pay" link next to the fees you want to pay.  Once paid, the paid fees and their connected invoices will appear on the left side of the page with links provided for copies of the invoice and the receipt.