Business License Online Application


Applicants may be required pursuant to NRS 266.358 to complete a statement regarding payment of child support. Staff will contact the applicant and provide the appropriate form as applicable. Pursuant to NRS 425.520, the application for the issuance or renewal of the license or permit will be denied if the applicant does not indicate on the form which of the provisions of the statement applies to the applicant.

1. What is the physical address of your business? (Choose the appropriate type)

All of the boxes must be completed. If none or not applicable, type in N/A.

All businesses must declare an address to business licensing. If you are not renting a commercial office and your primary residence is in the City of Henderson, you may be able to use your home as your business address.

(N, S, E, W, etc... )

Now choose either Commercial Office, Home Based, or Outside of Henderson and fill in the appropriate fields.

Commercial Office

Cannot be a PO Box or mailing receiving company such as a UPS Store per HMC Title 4. Please be aware that a site plan or building layout that clearly identifies the location of the business may be requested or required by the Community Development Department. The site plan must be submitted prior to the issuance of a business license.

Choose one:

Is this an Executive Suite?

If Yes, the business has signed a contract for the following services (please check all that apply):

Are Hazardous materials present at your business location?

Home Based Businesses

Businesses operating from a residential address within the City of Henderson will be required to obtain authorization from the Community Development and Services Department to conduct a Home Occupation. The fee associated with this authorization is $30.00. For more information on the regulations and authorization process, please contact the Community Development and Services Department at 702-267-1500.
Own or rent your home?

Businesses Based Outside of Henderson

2. Type of Ownership

Type of Ownership

3. Name of Owner:

Applicants applying as a limited liability company, corporation, or limited partnership should enter the name of the corporation, LLC or partnership in this field as filed with the Secretary of State.

If applying as Sole Proprietor, type in N/A.

4. Business Name (Fictitious Firm Name/DBA)

This is the name of the business that is used with the public and has been filed with the Clark County Clerk's Office.

5. Anticipated opening date of this location / business?

When will your office be ready to be occupied?

6. Contact information

Individual to be contacted with questions regarding the application, payment and inspections

7. Mailing address for business license materials

Primarily intended for mailings of license certificates and renewal notices.
N, S, E, W, etc...

8. Business Contact Information

9. NV Business License number

Issued by the Secretary of State. Most businesses are required to have a Nevada State Business ID from the Secretary of State. Even exempt businesses will need to provide their issued exemption number.

10. Nevada Department of Taxation # or disclaimer 

Issued by the Nevada Department of Taxation. Most businesses will need a Nevada State Sales & Use Tax permit. If your business is has been deemed to be exempt then enter the word “EXEMPT” in this field.

11. Will this business have employees at the time of opening?

Will this business have employees at the time of opening?

12. Worker’s Compensation policy information

For more information, contact Nevada Division of Industrial Relations. Some businesses will need to obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance. If your business has been deemed to be exempt then enter the word "EXEMPT" in the fields.

13. Description of business activities including products sold or services offered.

Please be detailed and avoid using industry specific terms (use layman’s terms). Short or vague statements such as “All lawful activities” are not adequate.

14. NAICS code(s) that apply to your business

NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System) is a standardized list of business functions that are used throughout North America. You use this code on your federal business income tax return and your Nevada Tax ID. Please use as many codes as necessary to identify all primary functions of your business. Click here to view the NAICS codes to identify appropriate categories.

Acknowledgement (Please Read)

I am aware of the obligations to provide timely notice of any changes in required information, including but not limited to any change of business name, addresses, ownership, corporate officers, management or key employee, where applicable, and I have informed all owners, managers, or other principals of their criminal and/or civil responsibility for the timely fulfillment of all restrictions and conditions to the license or timely abatement of any nuisance activity at or associated with the business.  In addition, I may not operate the business for which this application is made at any other address than that listed on this application.

I acknowledge that various business license categories also require Nevada state licenses. All such principals are aware that failure to maintain required Nevada state business licenses renders a City of Henderson business license invalid and thereafter any business activity would be unlawful.

I have complied with the provisions of NRS chapters 616A to 616D, inclusive, and chapter 617 of the Nevada Revised Statutes concerning insurance. I have either received coverage by a private carrier; maintain a valid certificate of self insurance; am a member of an association of self-insured public or private employers as required pursuant to chapter 616A to 616D, inclusive; or am not subject to the provisions of chapters 616A to 616D, inclusive, or chapter 617 of the Nevada Revised Statutes on insurance.

I may be subject to issuance of a misdemeanor citation for each and every day I am in violation of any of the above.  Should this application be granted, I accept same subject terms and provisions thereof and subject to such rules and regulations as may at any time be adopted or enacted by the City Council of the City of Henderson, Nevada; and specifically agree to observe and keep inviolate all of the provisions of such ordinances.

I, the undersigned, as an authorized agent of the entity identified in this application, certify that I have answered all questions in the above application, and to the best of my belief all answers are true and correct and current.  I further understand that disclosure of any false, misleading, or incomplete answers in the above could result in automatic denial, or revocation, of the license if already issued.