Henderson Fire

Fire/Rescue Operations

truck ladderFire/Rescue Operations are provided from nine fire stations and divided into two battalions, Battalion 8 and Battalion 9, with one Battalion Chief for each shift.

Battalion 8:

  • A Shift    Chief Scott Satterlee
  • B Shift    Chief Brian Arboreen
  • C Shift    Chief Doug Koopman

Battalion 9:

  • A Shift    Chief Kirk Estes
  • B Shift    Chief Sean Patterson
  • C Shift    Vacant

There are approximately 60 personnel per shift. Each firefighter works a 56-hour work week on a 48-hour shift schedule. Henderson Fire has the ability to respond to emergencies with nine paramedic engine companies, nine advanced life support ambulances/rescues and two truck companies. Daily staffing of the engine companies consists of one Captain, one Engineer, one Firefighter and one Firefighter/Paramedic. Rescues are staffed with a minimum of one Firefighter/Paramedic and one Firefighter. The primary duties of the division are fire suppression and the treatment and transportation of the sick and injured to the hospital. The Technical Rescue Team on each shift provides expertise on swift water, confined space, high angle, trench rescues, vehicle and heavy machinery extrication. A Hazmat Team launched in January 2016 provides response, detection and decontamination capabilities for incidents involving hazardous materials.

Non-emergency duties of the stations include fire, emergency exit, and shelter-in-place drills for local schools; public education; hose and pump testing; and fire hydrant acceptance testing.

Deputy Fire Chief Timothy McKeever can be contacted at 702-267-2214 or email him at Timothy.McKeever@cityofhenderson.com