Henderson Fire

Fire Training Center

Training Center

The Henderson Fire Training Center  and adjoining Station 82 opened in June 1997 on 8.4 acres of land. The facility has classrooms, a six-story burn tower, confined space/trench props, drafting pit, auto extrication area, hazardous materials props and a driver training course. The office, library and classroom area is approximately 10,375 square feet. Classroom space consists of one auditorium (2,560 square feet with 200 seats theater style) that divides into a maximum of four classrooms of 640 square feet per room (25-30 occupancy with tables).

The six-story tower with the two-story burn building is approximately 5,275 square feet. The burn building has three computer-controlled fire rooms, a kitchen and living room on the ground floor, and a bedroom on the second floor. There are two outside burn props that consist of a propane tank and a card. Only natural gas is burned in these props, resulting in a safe and pollution-free environment. When setting up scenarios, fire companies operate in street configurations that comply with City standards. Street widths are 40 feet, building setbacks are 25 feet, street lighting, street and traffic control signs allow for realistic training.

A concrete trench of varying widths and depths helps personnel build confidence during shoring and cribbing training. The trench is connected to an underground confined space prop that consists of two 8-foot utility vaults interconnected with 24-inch concrete pipe. A 15,000 gallon drafting tank is also connected to the underground prop with a sluice gate to prevent water from entering the confined space prop.

Training Division Chief Terry Wilferd can be reached at Terry.Wilferd@cityofhenderson.com.