Celebrate Life Commemorative Program

Memorial trees, benches and tables

Plant a tree … celebrate life with a tree, bench and table.

The City of Henderson's Celebrate Life program offers an opportunity to pay a long-lasting tribute to an individual or occasion and beautify your favorite park at the same time. Commemorate a graduation, birth, passing, wedding, anniversary, or any special recognition. Plant a tree and receive a certificate and website mention, purchase a bench with a memorial plaque, or gift a picnic table with your customized plaque.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form (link below) and return it to City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department, Attention: Celebrate Life Program, 240 S. Water St., P.O. Box 95050, Henderson, NV 89009-5050. Or call 702-267-4027 for more information.

Celebrate Life Program Form

Park Map

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View locations of memorials using our 
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Trees have been planted in memory of:

Maui Boy
Michael Lee Sicner
Heather Fry
Stephanie Hall Doiron
Rodrigo J. Pizarro
Dylon Gifford
William K. Brown
William K. Taylor
Shirley Estell Hardin

Parker, the therapy dog who served the community well
Lynn Riddle Fetting
Marilyn Bernstein
Suzy Korn
The Pástor Family
Caera Jean Hawkes
Kerstin Hernandez
Jacob Andrew Taylor
John Scott Hamilton
Raylan and Weston Smith-Cohan
Tom Bailey
Benedicta Fernandez
Richard J. Farkas
Betty Kostiner
Gary Cannon
Terrie Hurst


Tresa Jo Barringer
Sgt. John C. Griffith
Cristina Bernardo
Moe Dahar
Opa Josef Schmidt

Robert B. Brannon
Charles R. Schwarz, Jr.
Joanne Y. Schwarz
Loki – Our Bark Park Friend
Debbie Korsmeyer
Betty Dunagan
Ryan Taylor Nelson
Janet Brown
Lillian Irene Davy
Bob Keith
Meshelle Funk-Pike
Dana Elmer
Breanna Arlene Zorabedian and Gianni Michael Vendetti
Cathy Wainwright
Jacob “Bean” Cooper
Moira Liane Bradley
Brian McClintock
George Carque
Evan Gyger
Carla Meckler
Richard J Farkas
Darcia Dudman Taylor