General Parks & Trails Information

Please enjoy our parks
Observe social distancing ▪ Keep 6 feet apart ▪ Avoid large gatherings

The City of Henderson offers 66 meticulously maintained parks for your enjoyment. In addition to open grass areas and playgrounds, features include walking courses, dog parks, skate parks, splash pads, and lighted sport areas. We're in your neighborhood.

Park hours: 6am-midnight
Reservation hours: 8am-11:30pm

Park locations, trailheads and amenities
Master Bicycle & Trail Plan

Park Map

Community Tree Viewer

This map includes all city-owned and maintained trees. Zoom in, click on a tree and learn basic facts including botanical and common name, height and trunk diameter. The tree inventory is updated annually.  

Reserve a Park

The picnic areas (with a few exceptions) are available to all citizens on a first-come, first-served basis unless the area has been reserved through our reservation system. Individuals or groups may pay for a rental to reserve a specific picnic area. All reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance of the event. Henderson-based companies and residents may reserve picnic areas up to 180 days prior to the event. Those who wish to use the park are not required to pay. However, should a party reserve that particular park area, those who have not paid the park rental will have to relocate.

Use of all City of Henderson parks and trails is subject to HMC 2.27

Henderson Municipal Code Chapter 2.27 - Parks and Recreation

Henderson Municipal Code Chapter 8.84 - Noise Control

The following are prohibited:

  • Fireworks of any type
  • Overnight parking and camping
  • Alcoholic beverages, except by special permit. See HMC 2.27 for complete details.
  • Inflatables on grass areas May 1-Oct. 1
  • Horses, ponies or horseback riding (except at Equestrian Park)
  • Only authorized motorized vehicles and electric personal assistive mobility devices are allowed in parks and on trails, pathways and non-designated motor vehicle areas
  • Climbing on trees, structures or fences
  • Staking of tents and other items
  • Propane grills
  • Skating (including using scooters and similar devices) in non-designated areas
  • Dunk tanks
  • Hitting golf balls
  • Smoking (including electronic or vaporized smoking devices and tobacco use) within 100 feet of sporting fields, spectator areas, and all sport and play areas unless within a designated smoking area.

Rules specific to Cornerstone Park

  • The water feature is for aesthetic purposes only. It was not developed for recreational use.
  • The use of boats and canoes (including radio-controlled models such as boats and airplanes) in any water feature at the park is strictly prohibited. This includes kayaking, canoeing, fishing and other recreational uses of the water features.
  • Dispensing or distributing feed to or otherwise feeding any bird or animal at the park is prohibited. This includes throwing or placing on the ground bread, breadcrumbs, seed, bird food, popcorn or other food.

Other rules and information

  • Persons who intentionally damage or vandalize park property will be prosecuted
  • Fires are permitted in park barbecue grills only
  • Amplified sound by permit only
  • Pets must be leashed except in posted designated areas.
  • Pet owners are responsible for picking up their pet’s waste.
  • All sport court lighting shuts off at 10pm

Unmanned Aircraft

  • Unmanned aircraft (an aircraft operated without the possibility of human intervention from within or on the aircraft, not limited to devices commonly referred to as drones, remote controlled aircraft and model aircraft) may only be operated in designated parks, as posted, during normal hours of operation and in accordance with all applicable Nevada, city and federal laws and regulations.
  • Individuals may operate unmanned aircraft (following all applicable rules) only at Amador Vista Park, Cornerstone Park, Equestrian Park South, Hidden Falls Park, and Mission Hills Park. 
  • Any and all commercial use, events and groups of 10 or more people require a special permit through the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

Henderson, Nevada, Municipal Code

City of Henderson Trail System Design

Boulder Highway Landscape Design Manual

Boulder Highway Landscape Design Manual (3.75 MB)

Lake Mead Parkway Trail Master Plan

Lake Mead Parkway Trail Master Plan (47 MB)

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Master Plan (6.5 MB)

St. Rose Parkway Trail Design Guidelines

St. Rose Parkway Trail Design Guidelines (39 MB)

Standardized Guidelines for the City of Henderson  

City of Henderson Standardized Design Guidelines (12.5 MB)